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The content rating for Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version is Everyone. The app store has this application listed under Tools. You could learn more about the company and developer behind this by visiting the website of CME Services. Secret Video Recorder can be downloaded and installed on Android devices with an API of 15 or higher. To install the app, download it using your preferred browser and click the install button. Please be aware that our apk downloads are quicker than those offered by Secret Video Recorder’s apk mirrors and contain only pure and original apk files. Available versions of this app apk: 3.5, 3.5, 3.3, 3.2.7, 3.2.6. Secret Video Recorder’s apk can also be downloaded and used with popular Android emulators.

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Download Information of the Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version

App Name  Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version
Version v3.2.7
Size 5.89 MB
Offered By GN Digital
Category Android Apps
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Click here to download: Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version

Download Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version

Features of Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version

  • Start and stop recording with a single touch
  •  Recording of full-HD video in 1920 x 1080
  •  A custom launcher icon so that the app is completely hidden
  •  Activate the flashlight while recording
  • Remove the notification icon so that there is no indication on the screen that the video is recording.
  • Split the video files so that you can record to the full SD card capacity. Time or file size can be used to cut video files.
  • Videos can be stored on an internal or external SD card. Compatible with Kitkat
  • supports both the front and back cameras
  • Possibility to record video with no audio. This is for people who use the app as a car dash cam. While recording video, you can use voice-activated apps thanks to this.
  • Protected by a password for total safety
  • Because very few permissions are required, privacy is guaranteed.

The best spy video recording app on the Android market is Secret Video Recorder, a straightforward spy camera for professional video recording.

How to Download Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version From the Google play store?

You can either download the Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version from our website by following the steps that have been provided, or you can download it from our website by clicking on the green button that we have provided. We recommend downloading it from our website to avoid installing a virus on your device.

To begin, go to the security option in your Android phone’s settings and enable all unknown sources.
On your device, you must now visit the official Google Play Store website.
You must now enter Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version into the Search bar.

You must now select the install option and wait for it to install.

After the installation is finished, your application is now ready to use. If you already have an account, you can use Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version by logging in or creating an account.

Screenshots of the Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version

Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version,

secret video recorder pro 18.6 apk,

secret video recorder pro apk old version,

svr pro apk old version,

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is there an app that secretly records video?

Ans. Background Video Recorder (BVR), one of the best Android video recording apps, records video with the option to turn off camera sounds so that people around you won’t know you’re recording. A recording can also be scheduled for a later time.

Q. Can a secret video recorder app developer see my secret videos?

Ans. Since your audio and video recordings are private, no one can typically access them as long as they are stored on your device. It will be fine as long as the video or audio is posted and not copied. If they are posted with music or video protected by copyright, they will be removed immediately.

Q.How do I record video even when my screen is off?

Ans. Install the Record Video With Screen Off app from the Play Store. To grant all necessary permissions, tap Allow. To begin recording video in the background while your screen is off, press the record button. Tap the button once more to stop the recording and turn it off.

Q. Can someone secretly video-record you?

Ans. All parties in California must give their consent, with the minimum requirement being that they are informed that they are being recorded in a private conversation by hearing a beep at specific points during the recording. Individuals who act without permission risk being imprisoned and subject to fines.

Q. How do hidden recorders work?

Ans. The term “built-in DVR hidden camera” simply refers to a camera that is connected to a miniature digital video recorder that records video to media that can be removed, like a memory card. Plug the media into your personal computer whenever you want to view the recorded footage from the hidden camera.

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Final Words

Zero Noise Apps is the company that developed and sells Secret Video Recorder APK Old Version Pro. Reserved in all respects. The sale of this app is prohibited. You agree to our EULA, which can be found on our website at, by downloading the app. The app is licensed for personal, non-commercial use only. For corporate license information, please get in touch with us.


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