PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version v0.15.0 for Android (All Versions)

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Hello friends, hope you all will be fine, welcome to your “Old Version Apk” website. Friends, in today’s article, we must read the article till the end to understand the information that tells you all the important information about PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version.

When installed on older devices, the most recent version of an app frequently causes issues. Due to system incompatibilities, newer versions of apps may not always work on your device. Try using an earlier version of the app until the developer addresses the issue. On Up to down, you can view the app’s version history if you require a rollback of PUBG Mobile LITE.

It includes all Up to down-available file versions for that application. For Android, download rollbacks of PUBG Mobile. Up to down’s distribution of any version of PUBG Mobile LITE is virus-free and available for free download. Using Unreal Engine 4, PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version creates action-packed Arena Mode matches that last no longer than ten minutes and build on the gameplay of the original PUBG MOBILE. To run smoothly, the simplified game only needs 600 MB of free space and 1 GB of RAM.

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The brand-new Warehouse map is made for close-quarters combat. The guide is little and smaller, with a lot of structures and covers to utilize. Because of this, it is an excellent map for players who like fast-paced action. Arena is a brand-new four-on-four deathmatch mode. The mode involves playing on a small map, and the team with the most kills wins. Practice your skills and sharpen your aim with this mode.

Download Information of the PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version

Name  PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version
Version v0.15.0
Size 463 MB 
APK com.tencent.iglite
Category Android Games
Rating 4.3/5
Developer Tencent Games
Requirements Android 9.0

Click here to download: PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version

Download PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version

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In a battlefield that is shrinking, 60 players drop onto a 2 km x 2 km island that is rich in resources and compete for survival. You can use your battle supplies, vehicles, and weapons to your advantage. Prepare to fight for survival when you land.
12 languages are supported: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, and Arabic.

Environment for fair gaming

Advanced anti-cheat system to guarantee a fair gaming experience for all PUBG Mobile LITE players.

Collaborate with friends

Local team up, room cards, and clan modes make it simpler to continue playing with friends at any time and from any location.

Audio and Graphics in HD

The astounding Stunning Motor 4 makes sensible and vivid interactivity on a sweeping HD map. The firefights are brought to life like never before thanks to high-definition audio and 3D sound effects.


Warehouse: intense four-on-four combat with never-ending Respawn for thrilling matches.


Utilizing voice chat, invite friends to play and collaborate on a winning plan. Create ambushes to catch your adversaries off guard. In the heat of battle, revive your companions and fight for your clan’s supremacy.

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Official Updates (PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version)

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Why Should We Online Play PUBG MOBILE LITE?

First and foremost, PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version is a free game. so that this game is playable by all. With a system or laptop of high specification, you only have good internet. Second, we can play this multiplayer battleground game with our friends. We can primarily play a Variety of maps as a team. On the other hand, we can design our own room where 100 friends can play together.

Third, the illustrations of the PUBG MOBILE LITE is astonishing. For the most immersive gameplay in PUBG, you have the best gaming headphones available. Therefore, these are sufficient reasons to play online PUBG Lite. I’ll walk you through each step of downloading PUBG MOBILE LITE for your desktop or laptop in this article. However, before that, you should be familiar with the game.

How to Install PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version

if you’d like to play this game as well. And if you’re looking for that, you’ve come to the right place on our website. On the website of Ocean of Games, you can download PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version.

  • Open your Chrome browser and conduct a search for the Ocean Of Games website first.
  • Simply follow the hyperlink to
  • After the homepage loads, select the Search Box.
  • Enter the name of the game that you want to find.
  • PUBG lite pc download post will appear on your home screen. Click on that link.
  • Click on the Download button at the end of this post.
  • You will receive the game as a download shortly, and you will be able to play it easily.

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Screenshots of the PUBG MOBILE LITE Old Version



pubg lite official website

pubg lite official website

pubg lite old map download

pubg lite old map downloadpubg lite old map download

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q? Is it important to Make a PUBG account?

Ans: because it is a game with online multiplayer. Yes, you need to sign up for an account before you can log in. You will not be able to play the game if you do not sign in. A PUBG LITE account that is mentioned on this page can be created easily.

Q? What distinguishes PUBG for PC from PUBG for Mobile?

Ans: PUBG Versatile Game is a portable game. The first game developed by the PUBG company, PUBG PC, quickly gained popularity, as did subsequent versions, such as PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite PC.

Q? Is PUBG Lite popular?

Ans: Last week, PUBG Mobile Lite went live in India. Since then, the app has risen to the top of the Google Play Store’s top free games section. Within the first three days of its launch, this was accomplished.

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Final Words

The controls in PUBG MOBILE LITE are completely customizable. By default, you can use your right thumb to control the camera and move your character. However, you can fully personalize your experience by selecting options from the menu. You can move the buttons around or change how big they are. When you get into a car, you can also choose the controls you want: simple or complicated In other words, the game will be able to adapt to your preferences rather than the other way around.

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