Mi Fit App Old Version v5.5.2 for Android (All Versions)

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Hello friends, hope you all will be fine, welcome to your “Old Version Apk” website. Friends, in today’s article, we must read the article till the end to understand the information that tells you all the important information about Mi Fit App Old Version.

Mi Fit is a free mobile health and fitness app that lets users track and analyze their daily routines. Mi Fit collects your health data, such as how much you exercise or how much you sleep, in order to provide you with helpful and in-depth feedback that can assist you in achieving and maintaining your fitness and health goals.

Measurement of your stats with Mi Fit is a great way to calculate a base line that will help you track progress and motivate you to keep reaching and growing because you can’t achieve your goal if you don’t set one. You are looking through previous Mi Fit versions. All of the versions of Mi Fit that have been published so far and are available on our website can be found here as APK files.

The interface of Zepp Life is clear and straightforward, making it simple to identify all of its features. Simply glance at the main screen to see how many steps you’ve taken throughout the day or how long you’ve been sleeping and how good it is. In any case, you’ll always be able to change or add information whenever you want.

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Naturally, Zepp Life is fully compatible with all of the most popular Xiaomi wearables. As a result, these devices’ data is quickly synchronized with the app. You can also add a smart scale to the app to track additional health data if you want to.

Download Information of the Mi Fit App Old Version

Name  Mi Fit App Old Version
Version v5.5.2
Size 96.01 MB
Rating 4.8/5
Category Android Apps
APK com.xiaomi.hm.health
Developer Anhui Huami Information Technology Co.Ltd.
MIME type app/vnd.android.package

Click here to download: Mi Fit App Old Version

Download Mi Fit App Old Version v5.5.2

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About Mi Fit App Old Version

The previous Mi Fit APK version is available. You will need an app that is installed on your smartphone as well as a Mi account in order to use the activity tracker and sleep monitoring features of the Xiaomi Band. Sign up for a Mi account and activate it first if you don’t already have one. This app can be used to accomplish it.

The ability to divide data into days, weeks, months, and years via graphs is one of Zepp Life’s most useful features. All of this is intended to assist you in keeping track of your physical health or any other health-related parameters to the smallest detail. Using a more user-friendly interface, you can view all of the data collected by Xiaomi wearables by downloading the Zepp Life APK for Android. Undoubtedly, this is an extraordinary application planned to assist you with estimating actual changes without inconveniences.

Features Mi Fit App Old Version

Mi Fit is probably familiar to you if you own a Xiaomi wearable device like the Mi Band 6 or the Mi Watch Revolve Active. It is a companion app that displays a comprehensive overview of your fitness activity, workout logs, and other wearable measurement data. The Mi Fit app hasn’t had a major UI overhaul in a while, but it’s getting a new update that changes how the home screen looks.

Maintain a log of your workouts

Plan your route, keep an eye on your progress, and reach your objectives. You can easily track it from your phone, whether it’s biking, running, or walking.

Monitor your health information

Assess your level of stress and heart rate. Keep track of your weight and your menstrual cycle. With ease, you can keep an eye on your health.

Easy payments with wearable device

When you connect your Mastercard cards to Mi Fitness, you can use your wearable device to make payments while you’re on the go.

Stay informed with notifications

You can stay informed by receiving messages, notifications, and emails directly on your wearable device without having to constantly check your phone.

Ask Alexa for convenient access

You can quickly access essential features like playing music, checking the weather, and starting a workout with Alexa. Simply ask and you’re all set.

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Benifit Uses Mi Fit App Old Version

The home screen makes better use of the real screen space and displays larger cards with a more in-depth overview of various activities. In the upper left corner, you can see the information about your connected device’s battery. The Home tab displays six cards by default: Steps, amount of sleep, heart rate, PAI, weight, and exercise history.

You can change the order in which the cards are displayed by moving them up or down and adding additional cards for things like stress, Blood Oxygen, calories, female health, and other topics. The sections on walking, running, and cycling have been moved to the Workout tab in the interim. In the past, they were at the top and were a part of the home screen experience.

Screenshots of the Mi Fit App Old Version

Mi Fit App Old Version

Mi Fit App Old Version

mi fit download

mi fit download

mi fit 3.2.1 apk

mi fit 3.2.1 apk

mi fit app download apk

mi fit app download apk

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q? How does Mi Fit measure weight?

Ans: The other body metrics are estimated by the scale using bioimpedence analysis. This basically sends a small electrical signal through your feet, and the amount of time it takes to complete a circuit is used to estimate how much fat, muscle, and bone are in your body.

Q? Is Mi Fit app secure?

Ans: Is it safe to use the Mi Fit app? It is absolutely safe to use. It will help you in being fit and solid. You can use this app to keep track of your heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, and step count.

Q? Is Mi Fit water proof?

Ans: The Mi Smart Band 4 is waterproof to a depth of up to 50 meters thanks to its 5ATM capability.

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Final Words

The Mi Band series and the Mi Fit app work together to display sleep data, calorie burn, walked steps, and heart rate. It gives you advice based on WHO-standard practices and pushes you toward your daily goal. Version 5.6.0 of the Mi Fit app is now available on the Google Play Store. Sideloading the most recent APK from APKMirror is another option if the update is not yet available on your end.

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