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Hello friends, welcome to our oldversionapk website, where we bring you daily use full article. Friends, today we will tell you how to download Poweramp Old Version. Poweramp is one of the best Android Smartphone music players. Numerous features, skins and themes, and support for various audio formats are included. This player gets the highest marks in this category because of its equalizer, which is its best feature.

The app will automatically locate all of your phone’s music if you simply install it and scan your folders. If you ever need to go back in time and use a different version, you can always access archived copies of older releases. Rolling back software should always be done with caution because new settings or features may have been added that aren’t compatible with older versions.

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People respond to music; It brings us together, lets us unwind, and, when done well, it can even inspire us to achieve great things. Poweramp accomplishes a lot. Poweramp Old Version may be the best $5.49 you’ve ever spent because of features like gapless play, an unparalleled equalization system, excellent crossfade, and support for the most common music file format.

If you haven’t already, give the full version for free a try. You can try Poweramp for 15 days without interruption with the trial version. As a result, you can enjoy your music in a way that only Poweramp can. The following are two good reasons to purchase the full version of Poweramp Old Version

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Download Information of the Poweramp Old Version

App Name  Poweramp Old Version
Version v3
Size 5.33 MB
Rating 4.3 out of 5
Offered By
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Get It On Google Play Store

Click here to download: Poweramp Old Version

Download Poweramp Old Version

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Music Players Interface and Navigation

Poweramp is extremely simple to utilize and explore. It can play and listen to almost any sound format that exists. For new users, getting used to the navigations can be difficult. You can choose your own folders to scan for music. The app will only select music from certain areas in this way.

The audio engine, user interface, and navigation all improved with the most recent Poweramp v3 update. The following features are included in the update.

  • Added hints for navigation help.
  • 10 band equalizer with bass and treble adjustment.
  • Stereo-X support with full control over gain, delay, and frequency.
  • Automatically downloads any missing album covers.
  • Widgets.
  • Lots of customization options.
  • Lyrics.
  • Tag editor.
  • Lock screen player.
  • Headset support.


Features of Poweramp Old Version

Look and feel

Poweramp outshined many of its rivals simply due to its customizable options. What other music apps let you use the Google Play Store to install a custom theme? Not a lot. Poweramp Old Version comes with two themes: a light one and a dark one. You can install as many additional themes from other sources as you want

The Chromecast button can be removed, a track counter can be added, the rating system can be changed, animations can be controlled, and many other UI elements can be altered. There are a plethora of choices.


Poweramp features

Poweramp is overflowing with features. The settings menu can almost appear intimidating at first because there are so many that it is honestly difficult to keep track. On the off chance that you’re on Android Q, for instance, you can look for through a track directly from your notices. Are there any albums that have interludes? Poweramp can skip songs when playing an album that is shorter than a certain length.

Additionally, there is forced wakelocking to prevent Poweramp from being killed in the background, automatic downloading of album artwork, and automatic resume when a headset is plugged back in or connected. Additionally, the features are organized neatly into sections, making it well-organized.

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Enable The Sleep Timer

Do you have a habit of falling asleep while listening to your favorite music? If that’s the case, you might want to turn on the sleep timer to avoid being jolted awake when the player changes tracks. At least, that was how it was for me once, but let’s save the story for another day.

Install fresh skins for a new look

It’s easy to change Poweramp’s appearance. You can find a lot of Poweramp Old Version skins by searching for them in the Google Play Store. While some are free, others are not. It’s also possible to make your own skins, but it’s hard. Installing the Android SDK is required, and the set of instructions you can find here are fairly complicated. It’s much simpler and quicker to make one from Google Play!

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How to Download Poweramp Old Version From the Google play store?

For Downloading and installing the Poweramp Old Version, you have to follow the given steps or you can also download the Poweramp Old Version from our website, we have given a green color button for downloading with just a simple click you can download it from our website we suggest you download it from our website without getting any virus on your device.

  • Firstly you have to open the setting of your android phone, Go to the security option, and enable all the unknown sources.
  • Now you have to visit the Official website of the google play store on your device.
  • Now you have to click on the Search bar and write Poweramp Old Version.
  • Now you have to click on the install option and wait until it’s installed.
  • After installation is complete, finally your application is ready for use, now you can use Poweramp Old Version after creating an account or login into the account (if already have an account).

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Screenshots of the Poweramp Old Version

Poweramp old version apk

Poweramp old version apk

poweramp old version 2015 download

poweramp old version 2015 download

Poweramp old version apk download

Poweramp old version apk download

poweramp old version mod

poweramp old version mod

poweramp old version 2015,

poweramp old version 2015,

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. Why does Poweramp sound better?

Ans. Poweramp is able to maintain consistently high sound quality across all devices by employing its own audio decoders. Its equalizer is one of the best in the industry because it decodes the audio by itself and doesn’t need the Android system to do anything.

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Q. What music player is better than Poweramp?

Ans. If you’ve been longing for Poweramp’s stunning visualization, Beatbox Music Player is the app for you. This one has a variety of eye-catching backgrounds that set it apart from other apps. The Now Player Screen and the theme are both available from a four-choice selection.

Q. Which gives better sound quality?

Ans. A lossless sound record design is the best organization for sound quality. These can be WAV, FLAC, or AIFF. Because they are of comparable or superior quality to CD-quality files, they are referred to as “hi-res.” These files will be extremely large in exchange.

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Final Words

Stereo X and an R/L balance knob are also included, as well as equalizer, standalone tremble, bass, and volume controls. There are a lot of equalizer presets, and you can save and load your own. Poweramp Old Version is also able to play FLAC files. Playback of audio is lossless in this format. At a party, it can easily be integrated with your DJ system, making the evening more enjoyable.

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