App Cloner Old Version Download For Android (All Version)

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Hello friends, welcome to the oldversionapk website, on this website, daily use full articles are brought for you. In today’s article, we will tell you about App Cloner Old Version. App Cloner is available to help you install multiple copies of the same app on your Android device. The cloned app will function independently of the original and will not be affected by any publisher-issued automatic updates.

This component is exceptionally helpful for the people who are worried that a future update of an application will eliminate a capability they use routinely. There are numerous different classes of clients for which Application Cloner can be a very device. They can access multiple accounts from a single device by cloning apps like Twitter, Skype, WordPress, and Outlook.

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This is useful for people who use one account for personal use and another for business. While app cloning can be useful for using multiple logins in apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at the same time, the real fun begins when you play around with an app. There are a lot of ways to modify the new app copy with App Cloner.

The app’s name and icon can be altered. Permissions can be removed or a cloned app can be installed on the SD card. Wake locks and auto-start can be disabled. Alternately, you can make your app a floating window app.

Download Information of the App Cloner Old Version

App Name  App Cloner Old Version
Version v2.3.3
Size 18.2 MB
Content rating Everyone
Category General
Requires Android 4.4
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Click here to download: App Cloner Old Version

Download App Cloner Old Version

YouTube Blue APK Old Version

More about App Cloner

Application Cloner empowers you to make clones or copy an introduced application on your telephone. You can make and introduce various working duplicates of your current applications. When an application only allows one account to login at a time, this is especially useful.

Numerous users had to download modified APKs of the apps in order to be able to log in with multiple usernames on the same device before apps like Facebook Messenger began offering support for multiple accounts. Considering the procedure and malware issues, this was a significant hassle.

On a single device, you can’t use multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts at the same time with many apps.That is where Application cloner comes in. By allowing you to clone an app and install its duplicate on your phone, it solves this issue.

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In addition, it gives you complete control over how the duplicate app behaves and looks. A clone can be extended to include features like password protection, incognito mode, the Android ID being hidden, and spoofing locations. The app can also be made to only use Wi-Fi to consume data.

Remember one thing that you can’t clone applications that require Google Play administrations or deal encoded interchanges like Whatsapp and Google Chrome.

FaceApp Old Version Download

Features of App Cloner Old Version

Basic cloning is possible with App Cloner’s free version. Twenty clones and hundreds of premium modding options are included in the premium subscription. The purchase is valid for a full year, but it is not automatically renewed. Donations and add-ons last a lifetime.

You can unlock unlimited clones by donating to App Cloner Old Version development. Donations are linked to some options and features. Options and features of a premium subscription:

  • Create duplicates of premium apps like Instagram, Messenger, Gmail, YouTube, Fake GPS apps, Bukalapak, VK, Parallel Space, and others
  • Utilize batch cloning and create multiple app clones.
  • Backup and save cloned apps.
  • Change or conceal the Android ID, IMEI/IMSI, Bluetooth MAC, Wi-Fi MAC, and Facebook Attribution ID
  • Change the WebView User-Agent
  • Hide Wi-Fi information, GPU information, SIM and operator information
  • Randomize build props to prevent device fingerprinting

PowerDirector Old Version

Screenshots of the Facebook Old Version

App cloner old version apk download

App cloner old version apk download

app cloner old version 2.3.3 download

app cloner old version 2.3.3 download

app cloner old version 1.5.32 apk download

app cloner old version 1.5.32 apk download

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the App Cloner feature?
Ans. You can make and install multiple copies of Android apps with App Cloner Old Version .The only multi-account app that can make true, independent, and installable clones is App Cloner.
Q. Is there any clone app for WhatsApp?
Ans. Step 1: From the Google Play Store, Android users can download and install “Parallel App – Dual App Cloner.” Step 2: You will now be asked to grant a few basic permissions, including access to notifications and phone storage. Step 3: To add any application, tap the + button. It as of now shows WhatsApp, and Facebook applications.
Q. Why was App Cloner removed?
Ans. Sadly for its numerous fans, App Cloner was recently removed from the Play Store for allegedly violating Google’s policies. The developer’s communication with Google throughout the process is another illustration of the company’s persistent support failure.
Q. Is GB WhatsApp a clone app?
Ans. The clone app has some additional advantages in addition to almost all of WhatsApp’s features. Users who have downloaded the app are now the target of surveillance as a result. According to reports, the app contains malware that allows users to download audio and video to their devices without their knowledge.

Final Words

The specifics of this app’s features make it unique. Users will have no trouble installing the double app on their smartphone if they use this app. They will be unreservedly copy WhatsApp, BBM or other applications. The way this app looks is nice. The use of bright blue and white as the primary colors creates a very clean and simple interface. The app’s menus are easy to understand because of their straightforward design. However, the app’s theme can still be altered by users.

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