Township: Farm and City Building Game Review, Gameplay

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Hello friends, once again welcome back to our website, I hope you all are fine, as you all know this is Shiva Gangwar always presents a great and extraordinary application for you, so today I brought the Township: Farm & City Building game for you. It is really a fantastic and unique game on the internet. It is one of the most used and most played games on the Internet. Most people like to play the game. Some want to play outdoor games and some want to play mobile games. Township: Farm & City Building is an online mobile game that has casual farming and city-building games.

Due to its amazing and unique features, it has more than 100 M+ Downloads across the world from the Google Play store and the rating is also very high 4.4 out of 5. In this game, you will get the different targets like sending the crop, cultivation of the crop, making the industrial areas buildings, cow breeding, and many more tasks given to you and you have to achieve them. It is really very easy and simple game that has not any difficulties while playing. The first level of this game is you have to sow fields.

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If you Downloaded this game recently then you will get a guide who will tell you all what you have to do. with the help of this guide, you will not face any difficulties while playing the game. Here you have also to feed the cows. After the cows feeding now you have to do the milking of the cow. And at the same time, you’ll earn money after the milking of the cow. You have to only follow the instructions which will you get from the guide. After milking the cows you will also get some rewards. After it now your crop is also ready for cultivation, now you have to cultivate the crop.

After the cultivation of the crop, now you have to see a helmet on the side of the screen, you have to click on that helmet. After clicking on the factory you move to the store you get a bakery. Within a second your bakery is ready for you. Now you have to do only the opening of the bakery. The full game Township: Farm & City Building is totally dependent upon the Business, how can you manage your business and how can you run your business.

The gameplay of the Township: Farm & City Building

It is really very easy and simple game that has not any difficulties while playing. In the first level of this game, you have to sow fields, and as you complete the level the coins and levels also increase. In this, there is an amazing and unique thing that when you start your business of the bakery, you will get a helicopter for the delivery of the orders. You have to choose the location of the delivery address on the map and that helicopter delivers your order there. After the business of the bakery if you have the coins you can also buy the other business like factories feed milk etc.

Farm Buildings

There are 8 different farm buildings and in the first 5 you can hold 6 animals each and the mushroom farm has up to 6 pots.

  1. Cowshed: 3 buildings maximum, 18 cows in total, produce milk. Level 1 (v. 5.6.1) starts with the first cowshed (including 3 cows) by default.
  2. Chicken Coop: 3 buildings maximum, 18 chickens in total, produce eggs.
  3. Sheep Farm: 2 buildings maximum, 12 sheep in total, produce wool.
  4. Apiary: 2 buildings maximum, 12 bees in total, produce honeycomb.
  5. Pig Farm: 2 buildings maximum, 12 pigs in total, produce bacon.
  6. Duck Feeder: 2 buildings maximum, 2-8 ducks in total, produce down feathers and colorful feathers.
  7. Otter Pond: 1 building maximum, 3 otters in total, produce seaweed, scallops, and pearls.
  8. Mushroom Farm: 1 building maximum, 6 mushroom pots each producing 1 mushroom.

Screenshots of Township: Farm & City Building

how to feeding cows in township

Township gameplay

full guide of township

Township game,

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is Township a free game?

Ans. Township is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money and it is a really very simple and easy game that is basically for small children for making their minds active in the field of business.

Q. Why is Township so popular?

Ans. All the events are popular in the township because the events are unique novels and they are not constantly going on, and you will do a different business whenever you want. It also includes the helicopter by which you can deliver your order.

Q. Is it available on the Official website of the Google play store?  

Ans. Yes, you can download the Township: Farm & City Building from the Official website of the Google play store.

Q. Is Township okay for kids?

Ans. Parents should know that the Township is a city-building game that is rated for the 4 years and older, but it is likely more suitable for children of the age 12 years and older. It basically increases the ability to think.

Q. How many levels are there in the Township game?

Ans. In Addition, the number of levels increases from 38 levels to 90.

Q. When was Township released?

Ans. It was released in 2011.

Final Words

Township: Farm & City Building is an online game that has millions of downloads across the world. It is available for android devices as well as iOS also. You can also play this game on the desktop also. The developer develops the Township by keeping in mind that it provides you the services as real life and it also fully depended upon the business. So now I hope your all doubts and queries are cleared related to the Township: Farm & City Building, If you have still any doubts or queries in your mind, so please comment below, and we will surely reply to you as soon as possible.

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