Tap Tap Old Version Download for Android (All Versions)

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A sense of calm for everyday life! For anyone who enjoys fidgeting, “Tap Tap Old Version Fidget” is a fun and easy virtual fidgeting app. You can tap and fidget whenever you want, anywhere. There’s no need to buy anything or fidget or get stressed out playing difficult games. To stop, simply tap, click, touch, switch, scroll, control, match, pop, or shoot until you want to. This high-quality virtual fidget toy is made to help you focus and relax. Now is the time to fidget in style at work, in class, and at home!

The international version of the TapTap app market is TapTap Global. There are a lot of video games that aren’t available in western app stores, and many of them are only available in Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. To use TapTap Global, users do not need to create an account. You will be able to view screenshots and technical information for each game once it has been installed, and all you will need to do to install any of them is click the download button.

Discord Old Version

TapTap (CN)’s older apk version is being downloaded by you. TapTap is a free app store for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese applications. Language-specific apps can be downloaded from this app market from any location. Although this app store does not appear directly on the Google Play store, you can read our TapTap (CN) review. 

By clicking the download button, you can quickly and easily download and install the Tap Tap APK file. In addition, many of the features of this alternative to the play store app service are very similar to those of the original Android app store once you open it. The majority of apps are available in Chinese and Korean, which is a plus.

Download Information of the Facebook Old Version

App Name  Tap Tap Old Version
Version v2.4.6
Size 25.5 MB
Rating 3.9out of 5
Offered By
Zhao Xing
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Get It On Google Play Store

Click here to download: Tap Tap Old Version

Download Tap Tap Old Version

Features of Tap Tap Old Version

Access to TapTap Developer Services (TDS) requires a TapTap user account. If this is not done, when your application calls the TDS API, it might return an error. How to incorporate TapTap Login into your application is explained in this document.

Service Info

An authorized login system based on the standard OAuth 2.0 protocol is TapTap Account Services. It eliminates the requirement for users to enter their account password and provides developers with a simple, secure, and quick account login authorization function. By authorizing their TapTap account, users will be able to instantly log into your application with a single click. Developers can use an interface call to obtain TapTap users’ relevant public information, such as their user nickname, avatar, and other information, in order to enhance the application’s user experience.

Configure Signature Certificate

TapTap Login services must verify your game to increase security. For the game, you must submit the Android signature, iOS bundle name, and Android package name.

Single Login Method

We suggest adding an interactive login button to the game’s start menu if TapTap Login is the only method of login for the application. The button’s shape and size should not confuse or impede the normal login process. The design of the login button can incorporate game elements that adhere to the Login Button Design Specifications. TapTap Login button designs for a variety of application scenarios are also available from TDS for quick login implementation. To download resources, select the Design Icon for the TapTap Login Button.

How to Download Tap Tap Old Version From the Google play store?

To download and install the Tap Tap Old Version, you have to follow the given steps or you can also download the Tap Tap Old Version from our website, we have given a green color button for downloading with just a simple click you can download it from our website we suggest you download it from our website without getting any virus on your device.

  • Firstly you have to open the setting of your android phone, Go to the security option, and enable all the unknown sources.
  • Now you have to visit the official Google Play store website on your device.
  • Now you have to click on the Search bar and write Tap Tap.
  • Now you have to click on the install option and wait until it’s installed
  • After installation is complete, finally your application is ready for use, now you can use Tap Tap after creating an account or login into the account (if already have an account).

Kay Features

  • An enjoyable, easy-to-use virtual toy.
  • A variety of designs to constantly fidget.
  • High-quality sounds were carefully selected.
  • This is completely free for all clicker fans.
  • Additional fidgets will also be updated!

Screenshots of the Tap Tap Old Version

tap tap apk download old version

tap tap indian version

tap tap old version apkpure

tap tap old version pubg

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can you load an older version of an app?

Ans. To check if there is an older version, always use the standard method of downloading from the App Store first. By going to your Purchased list, you can also get any app that you’ve downloaded in the past. Also, if that doesn’t work, try downloading the app on a more recent iPhone and installing it from your purchase history.

Q. Is the Tap Tap Send app safe?

Ans. To safeguard your data and payments, Taptap Send makes use of cutting-edge encryption and security methods comparable to those used by banks. In the countries where it operates, Taptap Send complies with data protection laws.

Q. What is TapTap sending limit?

Ans. Please be aware that the internal transfer limit of Taptap Send is: 3,300 GBP (with the exception of Germany, where the limit is 2,000 EUR). 2,000 USD (a daily cap of 2,999 USD and a 14-day cap of 24,000 USD are also available)

Q. In which country is TapTap available?

Ans. We support payments into Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Zambia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, DR Congo, Morocco, Sri Lanka, and Rep. We live in the UK, EU, US, and Canada.

Q. Why is my tap app not working?

Ans. Make sure your phone is compatible with the TAP app. Verify that the software on your Android phone is at least version 11. Verify whether you are connected via Wi-Fi or cellular. Verify that NFC is enabled and that your phone has NFC capabilities.

Q. What app is similar to TapTap?

Ans. F-Droid, which is both free and Open Source, is the best alternative. Aurora Store, Google Play Store, Aurora Droid, and Neo-Store are all excellent alternatives to Taptap.io. Alternatives to Taptap.io include primarily App Stores but may also include Package Managers or App Discovery Services.

Google Earth Old Version

Final Words

The most recent gaming news, including updates and new releases, is displayed on TapTap Global’s main screen. On the other hand, you can talk to other users about games or other topics from the forums tab, and the rankings tab contains lists of the games that are currently downloaded the most in each region. Overall, TapTap Global is a great game-focused app store where you can download a lot of original games that aren’t available on Google Play. Explore hundreds of fantastic games based on manga and anime by using TapTap Global.


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