Project QT Mod Apk v18.0 Download for Android 2024 Unlocked

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Hello friends, hope you all are fine, welcome to “Old Version Apk” website. Friends, in today’s article, you must read the article till the end to understand all the important information about Project QT Mod Apk. Friends, the application about which we are going to tell you is completely safe for your mobile, we will also give a link to download the application on this website.

There are simply too many gamers in the market. The Google Play Store contains billions of games. There are too many games, but very few people are playing them, and everyone gets bored with the same old racing and survival games. You’ve come to the right place if you want to get rid of the standard racing games and play a wide range of new games.

In this article, I will tell you about the Project Qt Mod Apk game; You won’t be bored in this mod pack and will fall in love with the game after playing it for a few minutes. I want to say that the game’s HD graphics, good music, and gameplay centered on pretty girls are clearly what make it highly addictive and popular. This game’s gameplay is very seductive, and I can assure you that you will enjoy it like you have never enjoyed any other game before.

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Project Qt Mod Apk is an activity experience game where you will require delightful young ladies to do mission assignments. The range of capabilities you will get all through the game, similar to baffle addressing, and battles between the young ladies, make you young ladies more appealing by making her prevailing in the order of your kindred mates. During arguments, the strongest girls in the world practice their skills to perfection before using their formidable abilities in combat.

Download Information of the Project QT Mod Apk

Name  Project QT Mod Apk
Version v18.0
Size 847 MB
Requirement Android 5.1
Version Latest Version 
Publisher Nutaku
Get it On Google Play Store 

Click here to download: Project QT Mod Apk

Download Project QT Mod Apk

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About Project QT Mod Apk

Project QT is a Canadian web game developed by Nutaku. This game is going to shield Alpha stone of your realm from a gathering of outsider. You must train a team with extraordinary abilities. Towers are necessary for shielding stone from intruders. Your colleagues will go after foes from towers by shooting them. This game contain advertisements and different things are locked for which you need to buy hearts.

In Project QT, you fight viruses from another dimension in levels that combine combat and puzzle solving. In the game, you will gather as many match elements as you can to create a potent attack against the enemies ahead. Simultaneously, you can undoubtedly change the strategies while bringing new characters to battle adversaries with various qualities.

Features of Project QT Mod Apk

Very addictive game

Project QT has the most compelling elements while maintaining a straightforward gameplay. Similar to Puzzle games, the game’s adventures are ones you must complete. This game has female characters who will help you complete tasks and missions quickly and efficiently. The primary objective of this game is to reduce and eradicate disease from the planet. Girls act as your helpers in the game, and you have to complete the task with their assistance.

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Expand and recruit your preferred girls

Because of a bunch of special conditions, the battling units in Task QT are all female, with a great many characters, styles, and different qualities for players to find. In addition, the girls will gradually unlock charming designs after prolonged interaction due to the game’s sensitive nature.

Go up against different players

In this action-adventure online game, you can compete with players from all over the world. Since all players in the Thunder mode are good to go, these are not amateur conflicts. Keep in mind that warrior diversity is not the focus of Project QT All Unlocked; it’s about a significant deficiency of sufficient contenders.

A Lot of Fun Game Modes

In addition to focusing on girls’ development, the game has a number of fun and original play modes. This makes the gameplay better and gives players more ways to enjoy this amazing, one-of-a-kind game. Besides, while all game modes are puzzle-based, their styles contrast, empowering the player to build enormous combos to win. Additional modes, not at all like the primary mode, exist solely during extraordinary occasions, and players can procure different remarkable things for redesigning females or base camp.

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How to Download & Install Project QT Mod Apk

First and foremost, ensure that any previous versions of this game that were installed on your device are removed. Then, go to settings, click on security, and afterward click on Empower The Obscure Sources(just on the off chance that in the event that the establishment doesn’t begin).

The mod APK document for this application is extremely simple to introduce. To install this app on Android devices, follow these simple steps.

  • To download, click the download button below.
  • Hold on until the download finishes, then open it.
  • Introduce the application on your android gadget.
  • Follow all of the inside instructions.
  • When it is appropriately introduced, begin, and partake in the astounding elements of this fabulous application.

How To Step Up Rapidly In Project QT Mod Apk?

  • Completely level up your characters; Level 10 can be unlocked immediately, regardless of your current level.
  • Go as far into the story as you can. After Part 1, don’t involve characters from a feeble component for a phase.
  • Promote your characters as high as you can once you’ve reached a deadlock.
  • There is a hidden Newbie-Boost active until you unlock your first Y3 character, ensuring a Full-Pull of a Y3 character. You will be able to access the current Step-Up with this. Girl, those typically have a lot of power and will be useful early on; The three required Step-Up Tickets cost 900 Gems, which were well spent. Utilize the x11 Essential Bring Ticket you got toward the finish of Section 1 all things being equal, as it will drop the secret reward.
  • You will have more AP accessible until Player Level 15 than you should progress to the accompanying Level. Therefore, Exp from other sources should never be used unless you beat Stages and use up your AP.

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Screenshots of the Project QT Mod Apk

project qt mod

project qt mod

project qt mod apk download

project qt mod apk download

project qt mod apk latest version

project qt mod apk latest version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q? Is Project QT Mod Apk safe to use?

Ans: The security of utilizing Undertaking QT Mod Apk involves banter. A few clients have detailed that it has made their gadgets be contaminated with malware, while others have said that it has been entirely protected. It is essential to take note of that utilizing a mod apk is against the terms of administration of Undertaking QT, so you might be restricted from the game on the off chance that you are discovered utilizing it.

Q? Is there a legal way to get premium features in Project QT?

Ans: Yes, Project QT offers legal access to premium features. The in-game store lets you buy them with real money. However, not everyone is willing to spend money on a mobile game, and this can be costly.

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Final Words 

To be sure Venture Qt Mod Apk is a fabulous, exciting anime game created by the Nutaku gaming organization. Assume you have been searching for any dream game for such a long time, then, at that point, this ideal decision for you. You can’t stop staring at your phone because the attractiveness of hot warriors girls is so breathtaking. No more stalling. Download the RightNow Project Qt Mod Apk from the link below.

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