OGWhatsapp Old Version Download For Android (All Version)

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Hello friends, welcome to our oldversionapk website, where we bring you daily use full article. Friends, today we will tell you how to download OGWhatsapp Old Version.  Do you like the old version of Og Whatsapp? Get the old version of Og Whatsapp. Thousands of people like the old version, and no one can give you an old version of Og Whatsapp.

Don’t worry; I’m here to share both the old and new versions of Og Whatsapp. If you need the older version of WhatsApp, don’t worry if you can’t find it anywhere else. Here, I’ll show you all the old modes. Another app that modifies the original Whatsapp messenger version is OGWhatsapp. On an Android phone, you can use two different versions of Whatsapp.

The fact that OGWhatsApp is developed by a third party has both positive and negative aspects. Utilizing two WhatsApp numbers on the same Android phone is made easier with the help of OGWhatsapp Old Version. It must be installed manually, but it is not difficult. You could also give OGWhatsapp a shot.

To begin, the OG app allows for a wide range of customization options that are unavailable in the official WhatsApp. Users’ ability to use their base WhatsApp accounts has been pushed to their limits by OGWhatsApp. However, this kind of innovation is what has made the app a favorite among many people looking for better alternatives to the WhatsApp messaging platform.

Download Information of the OGWhatsapp Old Version

App Name  OGWhatsapp Old Version
Version v2.18.327
Size 26.8 MB
Downloads  10Cr+
Rating 3.8 OUT of 5
Requires 5.0 and up
Get It On Google 

Click here to download: OGWhatsapp Old Version

Download OGWhatsapp Old Version

Features of OGWhatsapp Old Version

As part of the Whatsapp Mode Apks, installation is a simple process. Therefore, in this post, I will provide instructions for installing WhatsApp. Simply follow this link to follow the steps. Now that there is an anti-ban version to keep people from losing their OGWhatsapp accounts if they use other versions, it is important to note the following additional features of this amazing app:

  • Status Saving: You can now save that lovely video or image you see on your contact’s status directly from the app. All of the media on your status that you so desire will become yours with a single tap.
  • Group Name: You might not be able to be as creative as you would like with a WhatsApp group name, but with OGWhatsApp’s 35 characters, you can get your creative juices flowing.
  • Dual accounts: A lot of people can only use two accounts on different phones. For a dual experience, alternative apps can sometimes be used to clone WhatsApp. However, a single OGWhatsapp Old Version app allows you to manage TWO distinct accounts simultaneously. That keeps all of your controls in one place and makes it simple to switch accounts.
  • Copying status: In the case of text messages, OGWhatsApp makes it simple to copy the status to your devices.
  • And much more: This app has everything you need to customize, send high-quality images, share a lot of media at once, block in-app calls from certain users, and more. Simply download the OGWhatsApp Pro from the box above to enjoy all of these and more. Click here to read the full descriptions.

Key Features

  • You will be able to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single phone after installing OGWhatsapp on your device.
  • When compared to the original WhatsApp, you can add more members to your group. In addition, you can conduct group video calls.
  • You can customize WhatsApp’s fonts and background.
  • Users of OGWhatsapp can download more than a thousand free themes. It only requires you to install it and select a theme.
  • Installing the OGWhatsapp Old Version APK is all you need to do if you want to hide your last seen but want to see others’ last seen.
  • You can also select a specific individual to display your last seen status.
  • Changing some settings can stop the grey ticks from turning blue. Even if you read the messages, the ticks will not turn blue

How To Download OGWhatsapp Old Version?

It is very simple to download OGWhatsapp to your Android phone. Even though the OGWhatsapp APK cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store, you can still locate it on reputable websites. Finding a reputable website is the first step in getting OGWhatsapp Old Version for free. To download the secure and free OGWhatsapp APK, all you need to do is click on the official link provided below.

  • Make sure your phone has enough storage space.
  • On your phone, enable the “Allow installation from unknown sources” setting. The first and second steps are essential as well as preparation. Always keep them in mind!)
  • It’s easy to get OGWhatsapp Old Version downloaded. To obtain the most recent version of GB WhatsApp, you will need to click the dependable download link provided below.
  • The “Install” option will appear when you click on the downloaded OGWhatsapp APK; click “Install” once more.
  • After the installation of the OGWhatsapp app has been completed, users can launch the application and choose to sign in with their existing account or create a new one.

Screenshots of the OGWhatsapp Old Version

ogwhatsapp download

ogwhatsapp download

og whatsapp pro v12.00 download

og whatsapp pro v12.00 download

og whatsapp new version

og whatsapp new version

og whatsapp pro

og whatsapp pro

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can we download WhatsApp old version?

Ans. The app’s out-of-date versions are no longer supported by us. We urge you to always use the most recent WhatsApp version. New features and bug fixes are included in the most recent versions. You can learn more about supported Android and iPhone devices if your device does not support the most recent WhatsApp version.

Q. Why can’t I download old WhatsApp messages?

Ans. You may need to remove WhatsApp data from your SD card if there is sufficient space on it but you are still unable to download any files from WhatsApp. The read-only mode is off. It’s possible that your SD card is corrupted if none of these solutions have helped.

Q. How can I download WhatsApp chat without backup?

Ans. There is an ultimate method for recovering WhatsApp chats without a backup on both Android and iPhone if you have lost your WhatsApp chat and do not have a backup. The recovery software iToolab RecoverGo is simple to use and allows users to quickly restore deleted WhatsApp chats.

Final Words

OGWhatsApp is a tweaked version of the OGWhatsapp Old Version messaging app that lets multiple OGWhatsapp Old Version accounts be used on a single device. It is not a genuine application and cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Although an older version of OGWhatsApp may have some advantages, such as being more stable or dependable than newer versions, users should be aware that it also carries significant risks and disadvantages. These include potential legal issues, a lack of updates and support, and security risks.

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