Kingdom Wars MOD APK v3.1.0 Download (Unlimited Money)

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Hey, Hope you are safe and doing well in this COVID-19 situation. I welcome you to another article on our website In today’s article, we are here with another interesting game application. We will tell you how you can install Kingdom Wars MOD APK on your android phone in a good manner. The interesting thing is that you can download this application without spending any money i.e it is free of cost.

The Kingdom Wars is a fun and strategy-based game. As its name implies you can consider this application or game a war game. The Kingdom Wars is a game that does not need any detailed introduction. This application or game justifies the title and is all about wars. Here wars are fought among empires and you have to save your empire from another empire that is your enemy. In Kingdom Wars the gamer is put into the shoes of a King. Basically, the goal of this game or application is to raise/gain a powerful army. You have to take down all the attacks that are being on your Kingdom. The game was designed with extremely good graphics. I am pretty sure you will fall for it if you are a true gamer.

Easy to Play! Focused on Level up and Strategy! Save the Kingdom!

More About it

Kingdom Wars is an interesting game in which you have to fight hordes of evil enemies. The main focus of your will be to keep them away from attacking your castle and you have to save your empire. The gameplay of this game mainly focuses on leveling up and getting rewards, and upgrades. So the action of this game is very simple and sometimes you don’t have to do anything. Kingdom wars, each level begins with two opposing castles: one of yours, and another of your enemy’s. Both empires can send soldiers to fight, but they take some time before they’re ready for attacking each other empires.

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The main idea of this game is to keep an eye on the next soldier. You have to hit the button to send him out to the battle as soon as he is ready. Another feature of this game is, that you can loot the territory by hitting on the respective button when it’s available on the screen. You should wait to launch special attacks. This feature can be done by tapping on the button when this button is fully loaded and ready to use.

In this game, you will earn riches as you go up by crossing the levels. This treasure can be new types of soldiers, special weapons, and of course, upgrades. That will help you to automate the buttons or speed up the action of the soldiers.

Note: Kingdom Wars is an entertaining fighting game. It includes the feature of pixelated aesthetic and fun, easy, and good gameplay.

Kingdom Wars MOD APK Download Information

Game Name Kingdom Wars MOD APK
Application Size 62.6 MB
Latest Version v3.1.0
Android Version Android 4.5 or above
Developer Ninetap
Playstore link Download

Click Here To Download: Kingdom Wars Game MOD APK

Download Kingdom Wars MOD APK  

Kingdom Wars MOD APK Features

  • Easy to play and the main idea of this game is around leveling up and strategy.
  • It has a high number of stages and characters. (over 400 stages)
  • Kingdom Wars has over 200 unique allies and enemy units
  • In this application, there are 100 allies units that have their unique Limit-break looks
  • Collect treasures in each stage and trigger various option effects.
  • Play differently and strategically with 6 different kinds of Booster Items/objects

What’s New


  • There was some bug which now has been fixed
  • Infinite mode and level of difficulty have been edited

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Kingdom Wars MOD APK Screenshots




Final Words

We hope you enjoy the Kingdom Wars MOD APK. This game is an interesting and very popular application among gamers. I hope you also enjoy reading this article. If you need any type of MOD application then you should go to my website home page which is Free MOD APKs and download all types of fully customized APK games, and applications, and then the sky is the limit from there. You’re having a good day. Download Kingdom of Wars MOD APK  from the above-given link. Thank You, Friends, for your valuable time and attention towards our website, and make sure if you like it then must visit next time. It will me write more like this for you.

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