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Granny MOD Menu APK is a game for individuals who love horror factors that can entertain themselves. The participant will play the function of a person constrained in a room with an antique girl with an intellectual illness. Do now no longer recognize what occurred however after waking up you want to discover a manner to break out of this house.

Of course, there isn’t a whole lot of time for you, all are the most effective five days. Will persevering with your lifestyle like all people else or dealing with demise be the manner you choose? Even in case, you give up to a grim fate, that depraved antique girl will now no longer provide you with a first-rate demise. Granny is the equal antique lady’s name, be cautious due to the fact you can die.

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About Granny Game

Welcome to the Granny horror game. Granny maintains you locked in her house. Now you need to attempt to get out of her house, however, be cautious and quiet. She hears everything. If you drop something on the floor, she hears it and proceeds to run. You can cover in wardrobes or below beds. You have five days. Good luck!

Granny 3 Menu MOD APK Download Information

Game Name Granny 3 Menu MOD APK
Offered By DVloper
Update Release Date 20 Jan 2021
Requires Android 4.4 And Up
Current Version v1.8.1
Size 128 MB
Installs 100 Million +
Developer [email protected]
Rating 4.2 out of 5
Genre Arcade
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Download Granny MOD Menu APK

Granny MOD Menu APK

Granny MOD Menu APK is the changed and superior model of the authentic well-known horror sport Granny. This sport has been advanced and supplied through developers at the google play store. Lovers of horror films and dramas will revel in the mods for granny sports plenty with its lovely sound results and graphics. The gameplay of this sport is simple; it’s a survival-primarily based total sport wherein the participant has to get away from the scene to keep her life.

This sport comes inside the class of arcade video games in conjunction with dan the person MOD APK and cooking fever MOD APK. The sport begins off evolving with you as a participant restricted in a five-tale residence wherein an older lady, known as a granny, lives withinside the residence, and she or he is a daunting lady who can’t undergo the presence of any man or woman in her place. Due to being blind, she will be able to see anything, but her listening experience is so robust that she will be able to use it so fast to navigate and find her prey withinside the residence simply by taking note of the sounds and killing it.


The participant can disguise herself below beds or in wardrobes, so long as Granny does not see the participant hiding. If the participant is stuck, Granny swings her baseball bat on the participant’s head, which results in a cutting-edge day. The participant also can get harmed the aid of falling from the volatile ground or woolly spider withinside the attic. If the participant is stuck for the remaining day, one in all 4 “sport over” cut-scenes plays, along with being attacked with the aid of using Granny withinside the basement, getting run over with the aid of using the auto withinside the storage, or having his head chopped off with the aid of using the guillotine withinside the backyard, and falling onto a endure lure thru the vulnerable attic ground.

The participant can shield themselves from Granny with the aid of using capturing her with the crossbow, making her stroll over an ice lure, trapping her withinside the sauna for a length of time, or capturing her with the shotgun to do away with Granny as a chance for a length of time (2 mins in Easy, 1 minute in Medium, 30 seconds in Hard, and 15 seconds in Extreme. An additional 30 seconds may be delivered if Granny is shot with the shotgun in Nightmare Mode).

Features of Granny MOD Menu APK

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Clues
  • Be invisible
  • No Footprints
  • Low Noise
  • No Root Required

Some Important Screenshot Of Granny MOD Menu APK




granny mod menu apk


Escape The Room Undetected

In this game Granny MOD Menu APK, you’ve been locked with a psychotic granny who kills any individual she detects in her residence. She is blind, the best comfort that comes as an integrated characteristic of the game. However, she has honed her listening abilities to the high-quality quantity in order that she will come across any sound coming from any nook of the residence, and she or he has been given speedy legs regardless of being an antique female in order that she will attain any nook of the residence in no time. You need to get away from the room without being detected.

Unlimited Health, Clues, and No Footprints

The granny MOD APK on our internet site gives limitless health, which facilitates you to live even after being stuck through granny and hit at the head. Your person heals slowly and maintains the getaway method as soon as again. You get limitless clues to transport ahead in the sport in case you get caught and discover nowhere to get away.

Avoid Generating Any Noise

Granny MOD Menu APK has surely been given tremendous listening abilities. Being blind, she has to depend especially on her listening skills. It is suggested to offer her nearly no clue in which you live and what sports you carry out in her residence to assist her escape. Otherwise, upon taking note of any sound and noise, she will be able to swiftly sing your individual and hunt you down in no time. So, do your best to keep away from growing noise with the assistance of granny mods withinside the residence and preserve silence to preserve yourself safe.

Final Words

Lovers of horror series, dramas, and films get immersed withinside the gameplay of the Granny mod menu APK because it offers the best sound consequences and snapshots to provide you goosebumps even as gambling this recreation. It is a survival-primarily based total recreation that offers you an additional feel of success whilst you come alive from the sport after making the getaway successful. Our modded model of the sport makes this recreation even less complicated and playable. Feel free to download it from our internet site and don’t neglect to proportion your remarks after gambling this recreation withinside the remarks segment of this post.

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