File Manager Download APK for Android Latest Version (Free)

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File Manager is one awesome program capable of completing the job with ease. You could be searching for a log pilgrim application or an application to clean the useless documents on your computer (File Manager Download APK), and File Manager is at the rescue. As a matter of course, each gadget is accompanied by an in-assembled document wayfarer application but it comes with only basic capabilities. You can abuse keeping your gadget storage mess safe by using an outsider program such as File Manager. If you’re searching for an Android software leader or director application then you should start using a File Manager program. Another good thing about the Android File Manager program is that it’s free, so you don’t have to pay a single penny to download or use it. Simply download and start using the File Manager program on your gadget.

Deal with your records (document wayfarer) as you do on your work area or PC utilizing Multiple Select, Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut, and Bookmark.

In reality, by bringing us different highlights in a hurry, mobile phones make our lives simpler. All should know one thing, mobile phones do need some cleaning. There are various useless documents and envelopes that are stored in your gadget storage any time you send an application, play a game, or just browse the web. Keeping your gadget clean and worrying about the documents and envelopes put away on your gadget is extremely necessary.

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In the wake of some time using the mobile phone gadget, it turns out to be mild on a regular basis. There may be various reasons for it, but high extra room usage is the most commonly accepted explanation across the globe. When a person starts using another gadget, he continues to have everything in his pocket, including photos, videos, music, games, and a wide range of documents in his gadget.

File Manager for Android

Right now, you’re going to reveal everything about Android’s File Manager and send you the link to access the APK file manager. Given the fact that the Google Play Store only has access to this program, there are many apps with equivalent names that can be accessed over yonder. A clear inquiry will send you a rundown of a variety of applications for database administrators with a comparative name. We will advise you to download the File Manager APK record to get the first phase of the File Manager program, and then physically install it on your devices.

File Manager APK Information

App Name File Manager Download APK
File Size 7.82 MB
Latest Version v3.2.2
Android Version Android 4.0 and Above
Developer Name Mobile Clean System Lab

Click here to File Manager Download APK

File Manager Download APK

File Manager Download APK Highlights

Find & Remove Obsolete Files

You can use this app to clear unused files and directories if you’re sick of limited storage space on your Android devices. Many residual files remain in your storage context and are not easily accessible in the usual file explorer. You can quickly find these kinds of files and directories by using the new version of the APK on your Android File Manager. To free up some room, you’ll get options to delete these useless files from your computer.

In-Built Space Analyzer

The Android File Manager comes with an in-built space analyzer that lets you know what kind of files use space on your computer. You can easily take action on the storage by using this app, so you can free up some space. This feature comes in handy when you can’t locate them from the apps to look for the files. The data analyzer lists the files by their groups.

Simple File Manager App

File Manager is actually one of the Android devices ‘ best file manager and explorer software. There are several other related applications available on the internet and in the Google Play Store, but this one works best for everybody. This software provides many valuable features that can’t be found in any other software. If you’re looking for an Android file manager app that’s quick and easy to use then you can download this app from this page.

Free & Safe

File Manager is fully free and secures to use of the File Manager software to control and explore any form of a file. You don’t have to pay a single penny to access this device or to use it.

Clean & Simple Interface

Android File Manager has a very clean and user-friendly interface so you’re not going to face any issue using this app. To access your files and directories you can easily navigate around to use the different features available in this app. The layout is also very clean which improves the processing speed of the files and folders within the app, including cutting, copying, and pasting actions.

Other Highlights

  • Application Manager – arrange, uninstall, reinforce, and make easy routes to your applications
  • 3 arrangements of business symbols for 80+ diverse document types, toolbar, and menu things
  • Multiple goals support
  • Support 19 dialects
  • List and matrix see for document wayfarer
  • Compress and decompress support
  • Search and offer documents
  • Multiple choice and different arranging support

File Manager Download APK Screenshots






File Manager Download APK for Android

Now you know a lot about the Android File Manager app and it’s time to provide you with the connection to download the File Manager APK. By using the connection below you can download the APK File Manager file which requires manual installation. If you have previously installed an APK file on any Android computer, then you can also use the same procedure to install this version.

File Manager Download APK

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