Vegas Crime Simulator Old Version Download for Android Versions

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When installed on older devices, the most recent version of an app frequently causes issues. Due to system incompatibilities, newer versions of apps may not always work on your device. Try using an earlier version of the app until the developer addresses the issue. Check out Vegas Crime Simulator’s version history on if you need a rollback. It includes all oldversionapk. com-available file versions for that application. Vegas Crime Simulator rollbacks are available for Android download. Vegas Crime Simulator is virus-free and available for free download in any version available on

The free game has been updated to be more interesting and exciting. The game features all of the necessary game mechanics for this genre, a large open 3D world, and stunning 3D graphics. Contrasts abound in the game of gangster confrontation. The game features fun game mechanics, diverse battles with enemies, and interesting tasks. There are numerous sights in the game: a platform for performing tricks on cars and motorcycles, a spaceship, robot transformers, a military base with a tank, and an airfield with an airplane

Disclaimer for APK Old Version

If you enjoy villains and are interested in learning about their backstories, you should justify their actions. You are not a particularly evil person. Every once in a while, we all try to imagine ourselves in the bad guy’s shoes to understand why they did what society considers a crime.

Are you interested in becoming a Supervillain? If your response is affirmative, you have arrived at the right place. Vegas Crime Simulator is much more than just a game; It’s a tale. The story of a person whose UN agency attacks innocent civilians kills police officers, steals vehicles, and causes all manner of infamy with your power, rule the Vegas gangster town.

Download Information of the Vegas Crime Simulator Old Version

Game Name  Vegas Crime Simulator Old Version
Version v6.2.8
106 MB
Downloads 10M+
Rating 4.2 out of 5
Offered By
Naxeex Action & RPG Games
Android 4.4 and up
Get It On Google Play Store

Click here to download: Vegas Crime Simulator Old Version

Download Vegas Crime Simulator Old Version

Features of Vegas Crime Simulator Old Version

Vegas Crime Simulator is an action-adventure third-person shooter that clearly draws inspiration from the fantastic GTA: In Vice City, you can direct a criminal around Las Vegas. Get ready because you can do pretty much anything. You can take cars, start gunfights, fight other criminals, and do many other things.

If you’ve ever played the GTA series, the gameplay in Vegas Crime Simulator may look very familiar to you. Your character can move around the city and steal any vehicle they want. Additionally, you can fire directly at law enforcement and other criminals. In Vegas Crime Simulator, you can drive a wide variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, tanks, and even helicopters. Additionally, there are numerous weapons to choose from: axes, shotguns, machine guns, and guns

Despite the fact that this game is enjoyable, I wanted to discuss the following issues: 1. ( In my opinion, I haven’t been able to locate any enemy transformers as I did in version 2. Even though you gave us new weapons to use, was it really necessary to get rid of the old ones, like the Deagle, which is my favorite pistol? The game responds to the control late when driving a vehicle. Low endurance Autoaim doesn’t work right, just like it did in the previous version. You barely emerge from the water after entering it.

Screenshots of the Vegas Crime Simulator Old Version

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How do you play Vegas crime simulator on PC?

Ans .How to Install BlueStacks on Your Computer to Play Vegas Crime Simulator on Your PC
Vegas Crime Simulator can be found in the search bar in the upper right corner.
From the search results, select Vegas Crime Simulator and click to install it.
If you skipped step 2, complete Google sign-in to install Vegas Crime Simulator.
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Q. Which is crime simulator?

Ans. Vegas Crime Simulator is an action-based third-person shooter that has been openly influenced by the fantastic GTA: In Vice City, you can direct a criminal around Las Vegas. Get ready because you can do pretty much anything. You can take cars, start gunfights, fight other criminals, and do many other things.

Q. Can gangster Vegas be played offline?

Ans. Although you can play the game offline, you won’t be able to take advantage of important online-only features like Time-Limited Events or gameplay perks that require an internet connection. We recommend playing online for the best gaming experience. How helpful was this article?

Q. What is a crime generator?

Ans. Crime generators are places where a lot of people go for reasons that have nothing to do with the level of criminal motivation they might have or the type of crime they might commit. Shopping and entertainment areas are examples.

Q. What is a criminal case in India?

Ans. What exactly is a crime? According to the Indian Penal Code of 1860, a person commits a crime if they voluntarily perform a prohibited act. It is only when the act itself is accompanied by a guilty mind that it is considered an offense. An act by itself does not constitute guilt.

Q. Who are the key players in the criminal?

Ans. Any crime will be investigated by the police and the public prosecutor, and the charge sheet will be filed. The judge hears all witnesses and any other evidence presented by the prosecution or defense and conducts the trials in an impartial manner.
To conduct fair trials, the defense lawyer

Q. What are 3 elements of a crime?

Ans. In general, there are three components to every crime: first, the actus reus act or behavior; second, the person’s mental state (mens rea) at the time of the act; and, thirdly, the relationship of cause and effect (typically proximate or but-for causation).

Q. What are the 7 types of crime?

Types of crime
  • Antisocial behaviour. Antisocial behaviour is when you feel intimidated or distressed by a person’s behaviour towards you.
  • Arson. …
  • Burglary. …
  • Childhood abuse. …
  • Crime abroad. …
  • Cybercrime and online fraud. …
  • Domestic abuse. …
  • Fraud.

Q. How do you solve a mystery?

7 Investigation Strategies From Sherlock Holmes
  1. Defining the Mystery. …
  2. Approach Each Mystery With a Blank Mind. …
  3. Learn How to Read A Situation. …
  4. Use Logic. …
  5. Never Give Up the Opportunity to Listen. …
  6. Never Underestimate Anyone. …
  7. Learn How to Recognize Vital Facts from Incidental Facts.

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Final Words

.Vegas Crime Simulator’s older apk version is being downloaded. Vegas Crime Simulator is a third-person action Android game based on the well-known video game GTA Vice City. The player can take control of a specific criminal as he rampages through the city of Las Vegas in the game. Start a Vegas Crime Simulator review.

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