Tekken 3 PC Download 58 MB for all Windows (Setup) Full Version

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Tekken 3 free download for pc version. It presents itself very incredibly. The music is just nothing short of amazing & sound effects are terrific. From a worldwide point of a view, it can’t be beaten by any other. It is a fighting game the third entry in the Tekken series it is the first game to have been released on Namco System 12 hardware, after the original two Tekken games on systems. Tekken 3 PC Download 58 MB for window 7,8,10,XP.

If you are a gamer there is no way that you haven’t played the classical game of all time which is Tekken 3 pc game full version is highly compressed. All of us have played this amazing game in our childhood or at present time you can also play or in youth nowadays it’s very popular. finding the working Tekken 3 highly compressed for PC is hard these days. The game was a major hit for both arcades and consoles, selling Playstation games.

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In Tekken 3 large number of new characters were introduced, debuting the characters such as Jin Kazama, Bryan fury, Ogre, Jack, King, Steve Fox, and many more new characters are introduced. The total number of characters introduced was 23 in Tekken 3. Tekken 3 has since been cited as one of the greatest video games of all time.

Tekken 3 PC 58 MB Download information

Game Name Tekken Tag Tournament 2 APK
Size 58MB
Version v1.0
Publisher  Namco
Release date 20 March 1997
Total downloads 50M+

Click here to Download: Tekken 3 for PC in 58 MB

Download Tekken 3 for PC in 58 MB

System requirements for Tekken 3 Game

  • OS: XP,7,8,10
  • Tested on Windows 7 64 Bit
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Processor: Intel premium 4
  • Graphics: 32 MB
  •  Setup size: 58 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB

Characters Of Tekken 3 PC Download 58 MB

  • Heihachi Mishima
  • Jin Kazama
  • Bryan Fury
  • Hwoarang
  • Ling Xiaoyu
  • Anna Williams
  • Kazuya Mishima\
  • Eddy Gordo
  • King
  • Nina Williams
  • Jack
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Ogre
  • Lei Wulong
  • Paul Phoneix
  • Mokujin
  • Lee challan
  • Dr. Bosconovitch
  • Marshall Law
  • Gon
  • Jun Kazama
  • Jinpachi Mishima
  • Steve Fox
  • Forest law
  • Azazel

Some New Characters 

  • Jin Kazama: He is the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, he practices a blend of both parents’ fighting styles ina an effort to win the new Tekken Tournament and take revenge against Orge for the death of his mother four-year priors.
  • Forest Law: After passing up many years some friendly encouragement from Paul, Marshal Law’s son enters the tournament for proving his strength to both his father and himself.
  • Eddy Gordo: An escaped convict and corpora master. He enters the tournament with the goal of using the Mishima Zaibatsu,s considerable resources against the criminal who has murdered his father for his wealth and property. The criminal,s father was a very rich person.
  • Panda: It is a domesticated female giant panda that is trained by Heihachi who is Xiayou’s bodyguard. The unwanted affection of Kuma was a panda.
  • Bryan Fury: A sad person with his unique kickboxing style who sneaks into the tournament while targeting Dr. Bosconovitch and Yoshimitsu. At that time 350 matches were started by the Bryan fury.
  • Ogre: He is basically known as  ” THE GOD OF FIGHTING”. his eyes were black with red pupils. He is firstly mentioned in hiechachi profile.
  • Dr. Boscnovitch: He is a former leading scientist of the USSR who has very polite behavior & white hair with a tall physical appearance. After losing his daughter, Alisa Boscnovitch he has basically given his full efforts and patience in the research of human re4ssurections and cold-sleep machines.
  • Gon: He is a very friendly character who lives on a whaling island with civilization. The chaste bond he shared with the entire island itself him clad in a protective cloak, As child gon was an emphatically curious and his simple and forward outlook on the world.
  • Crow; He is the lowest-ranked member in the Tekken force and appears as an enemy in the Tekken force mini-game. He also appears as an unlockable character in the Tekken card challenge;
  • Gun Jack: The third model of the jack series was sent by the creator jane to retrieve Jack 2’s memory data.
  • Kuma II: The son of the original Kuma also serves as Heihachi”s loyal pet and the bodyguard.
  • Tiger Jackson: A disco Man with the afro.

Features of Tekken 3

  • It is the best fighting 2D game for both mobile and PC.
  • It provides lots of options in terms of character choice because it has 25 different characters you can choose from there according to your choice.
  • In this Tekken 3, there is a special feature that every character has his special capability and power to fight, each character may fight according to their capability and techniques.
  • It has as close to the Genuine fighting experience as possible as in the game. it follows the same general control setup and fighting gameplay established by prior Tekken entries.
  • It introduces 3 steps dimension.
  • It is a multiplayer game but can challenge PC also.
  • it includes more than 20 combo strikes in Tekken 3.
  • Tekken 3 is a largely new cast of characters, including the debut of several now staple characters such as Jin Kazama. 

The strongest characters in the Tekken 3 are :

  • Jin Kazama
  • Azazel
  • Jinpachi Mishima
  • True Orge
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Akuma
  • Heihachi Mishima
  • Kazumi Mishima

Screenshots of Tekken 3 PC Download 58 MB

tekken 3 game download tekken 3 pc game download, install tekken 3 game,for pc windows 7 32 bit,



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Final words 

Tekken 3 consists of all of the models of Tekken 2. Time attack team battle, practice mode, and survival mode of all there, and have”not changed a bit. Tekken force is a four-level side-scrolling mode that pits players against tons of Ninjas. The best thing about the Tekken 3 is that in this every character has a unique and special capability to fight and skills.

The gameplay is identical to the Arcade. Every move, combo, and character has been taken and a couple of new characters have been added as well. The console version only Features 10 characters that are available by default with the rest being unlocked by fulfilling various conditions.


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