Ludo Master Old Version Download for Android (All Version)

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Ludo Master Old Version

The parchisi game has been brought into the modern era of mobile gaming by the app Ludo Master. From the convenience of your mobile device, you can compete against players from all over the world in this well-known game, which is more commonly referred to as Ludo. This board game is very easy to play and has been made for mobile devices: To rotate the tiles around the board, simply click on the dice. If you get a six, you can’t take the tokens out of your house.

You shouldn’t have to use your phone’s tiny screen to enjoy Ludo Master – New Ludo Board Game 2020 For Free with all your heart. With a keyboard and mouse, you can play like a pro and take full control of the game. MEmu provides everything you’ve come to expect. On Android, you can play Ludo Master: The New Ludo Board Game 2020 for free. Play as long as you want—there are no more battery, mobile data, or distracting call restrictions. Playing Ludo Master is best on the brand-new MEmu 8.

VLC Old Version APK

You can play Ludo Master – New Ludo Game 2019 For Free with your friends and family or against the computer in a brand-new and exciting game. At first, the gameplay is straightforward, but as you progress through the game, it will become extremely challenging. The regulations are quite straightforward; To complete a full turn of the board and reach the finish line, each player must collect four tokens. The person who acquires all four tokens first will be declared the winner.

Download Information of the Ludo Master Old Version

Game Name  Ludo Master Old Version
Version v3.6.0
Size 33.2 MB
Rating 4.1 out of 5
Offered By
Hippo Lab
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Get It On Google Play Store

Click here to download: Ludo Master Old Version

Download Ludo Master Old Version

Features of Ludo Master Old Version

Online/Private Multiplayer Mode

Ludo MasterTM is a cross-platform Ludo game that can be played by two to six people. The Ludu game supports offline play with a computer and can be played with friends and family.

Enjoyable but also challenging

At first, the gameplay is straightforward, but as you progress through the game, it will become extremely challenging.

Key Features

  • The winner is the player who completes the game objective first.
  • Only if a player rolls six dice during their turn is it allowed for them to move a token.
  • When rolling a die, the player will lose their chance if they roll three consecutive sixes.
  • If a user has two tokens in the same block, neither of them can be captured by an opponent. Any token placed in the safe blocks, which are indicated by the “b” icon, cannot be captured by any opponent token.
  • If a player rolls six dice, he or she will be given an additional chance to do so.
  • There are 15 seconds for each player to roll the dice and move. The player loses his or her turn if they don’t respond.
  • Leaving the app or the game will be considered a fork in the road, and neither a refund nor a price will be offered for doing so.
  • In Case of Internet Connectivity Problems or App Crashes, Players Can Reopen the App and Reconnect to the Same Game Session if Active.
    If a player rolls six dice, he or she will be given an additional chance to do so.

How to Download Ludo Master Old Version From the Google play store?

To download and install the Ludo Master Old Version, you have to follow the given steps or you can also download the Ludo Master Old Version from our website, we have given a green color button for downloading with just a simple click you can download it from our website we suggest you download it from our website without getting any virus on your device.

  • Firstly you have to open the setting of your android phone, Go to the security option, and enable all the unknown sources.
  • You must visit your device’s official Google Play store website.
  • Now you have to click on the Search bar and write Ludo Master.
  • Now you have to click on the install option and wait until it’s installed.
  • After installation is complete, finally your application is ready for use, now you can use Ludo Master after creating an account or login into the account (if already have an account).

Screenshots of the Ludo Master Old Version

ludo master 2020 download

ludo master old 3.2.6 apk download

ludo master old version apkpure

ludo master 3.2.5 apk download

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How do I get the old version of Ludo star?

Ans. Check the version history of Ludo Star 2 on Uptodown for a rollback if you need one. It includes all Uptodown-available file versions for that application. For Android, download the rollbacks of Ludo Star 2.

Q. How do you win the Ludo King game every time?

Ans. If you’re new to Ludo, landing your token on the opponent’s token is one way to win. This causes that token to return to its home base, and players must roll a six to get them back out.

Q. What are the benefits of Master Mode?

Ans. When compared to Expert Mode, the majority of enemies have roughly 50% more health, 10% more damage, and three times as much damage and 20% more knockback resistance. Bosses’ Expert Mode values are increased by 50% in damage and 27.5 percent in health.

Q. What happens in Master Mode?

Ans. With a few notable exceptions, Master Mode is similar to Normal Mode in many ways: There are new enemies and items to be found, as well as tougher enemies. Yes, it’s also very difficult. However, it is also the same game you are accustomed to playing. Changing how you play is the key to mastering Master Mode.

Q. Which color is lucky in Ludo?

Ans. You can choose any color you want to use to play the game. There is no predetermined color strategy or rule for winning the game. The only thing that matters when it comes to winning the game is how well you know the rules and plan your next move. Luck can also play a small role.

Clean Master Old Version

Final Words

Free download of the 2020 Ludo Board Game for Android. The exquisite preset keymapping system that we developed makes Ludo Master – New Ludo Board Game 2020 For Free a genuine Android game. MEmu’s multi-instance manager enables simultaneous play with two or more accounts. And most importantly, our exclusive emulation engine can unleash your Android’s full potential and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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