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The Ludo board game is the inspiration for the Ludo King Old Version game. This game can be played online or offline in four different modes, making it even more adaptable to be played at any time and anywhere. With an internet connection, you can play it against friends or online opponents. This is one of the most downloaded Android Ludo game apps, with over 100 million downloads and 3 million reviews.

Like Ludo STAR, Ludo King is a board game. When you’re waiting for a taxi or taking a break, the game is a great way to pass the time. In addition, it is a wonderful way to relive your childhood. Two to six people can play Ludo King. You have the option of choosing your color. You have the option to select players when competing against a computer. How to play Ludo King is well-known to everyone. There are fantastic ways to play this game against local players or against computers; also, against your friends or online multiplayer. Two to six people can play Ludo King. You have the option of choosing your color. You can select the number of players you want to play with when competing against a computer. However, there are two to six players available for play options.

PixelLab Old Version

We have been requested by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd to remove all previous versions of their official Android app. Uptodown is not in charge of this. With the exception of the most recent client version, we are forced to delete all stored files. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. Uptodown has always chosen to provide as much content as possible. We do this because we know it helps our customers who are looking for particular app versions that are compatible with their devices; Additionally, we are aware that this may assist in avoiding undesirable modifications or resolving issues in some instances. Nonetheless, we continue to work toward making these files available for download, and they will be reinstated as soon as possible.

Download Information of Ludo King Old Version

App Name  Ludo King Old Version
Version v5.7.0.173
Size 51.2 MB
Downloads 50 Cr+
Rating 4.1 out of 5
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Click here to download: Ludo King Old Version

Download Ludo King Old Version

Features of Ludo King Old Version

vs Computer:

This is the first offline mode in Ludo King, and it’s for playing one-on-one matches against the AI or just to pass the time. Even when the AI gets a six, it simply follows the dice and continues to run, sometimes waiting for the first token to finish its run before adding any more.

Local Player:

The game’s second offline mode is available here. You can play with your family or friends in this mode. On the same device, up to four players can participate in this mode.

Play with friends:

This is one of the game’s available online modes. Similar to the local player in that players do not physically exist, with a small difference. Make your own Room code and give it to the people you want to play with. Preset messages can also be used to communicate with online players. Using code sharing, you can play the Ludo King game with Facebook friends by connecting these media or room-sharing friends. You can connect with people from all over the world through this game. While playing this game, you can also live chat with friends or other players. Ludo King is a funny game, and all Parcheesi games are fun and make sense.

Online Multiplayer:

This is the second online mode and enables you to play Ludo King with random players. This mode is similar to “Play with friends”, but you are against everyone playing this game. Betting on coins in this mode adds a new dimension to the game as well.

How to Download Ludo King Old Version From the Google play store?

You can download the Facebook Old Version from our website by following the steps that have been provided, or you can download it from our website by clicking on the green button that we have provided. We recommend downloading it from our website to avoid installing a virus on your device.

  • To begin, go to the security option in your Android phone’s settings and enable all unknown sources.
  • On your device, you must now visit the official Google Play Store website.
  • you need to type Facebook into the Search bar.
  • You must now select the install option and wait for it to install.
  • After the installation is finished, your application is now ready to use. If you already have an account, you can use Facebook by creating an account or logging in.

Screenshots of the Ludo King Old Version


ludo king 3.3 version download

ludo king old version apk

ludo king version 3.0 apk download

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Ludo Star 1 on Android?

Ans. Your objective is basically to return all four of your game pieces to your base first. Ludo Star is a very entertaining app that lets you play Parcheesi with friends, other players, or by yourself. You can now play one of the most addictive board games ever made on your Android device.

Q. How do I download the old version of Ludo Star?

Ans. On Uptodown, you can view the app’s version history if you require a rollback of Ludo Star. It includes all Uptodown-available file versions for that application. For Android, download the rollbacks of Ludo Star. Uptodown’s distribution of any Ludo Star version is virus-free and available for free download.

Q. How do you play old Ludo?

Ans. The move is decided by rolling the die on each player’s turn. The game’s objective is for each player to move all four of their pieces around the board, up the home column, and into the home triangle in a clockwise direction once. To move a piece from the base to the start position, a player must roll a six to begin.

Evil Nun Old Version

Final Words

Ludo King Old Version is a classic board game played between friends and family. Play the dice game of kings! Recall your childhood! In some places, Ludo is also known as Parchisi, Pachisi, Parcheesi, or Parchisi game. Ludo King is a cross-platform multiplayer game that supports Desktop, Android, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms at the same time. This game also supports offline mode, where the player can play with a Computer or, Local multiplayer (pass-and-play mode). Play this dice game, Ludo King. Best casual game in board games.


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