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Have you ever imagined how it’d feel like trapped in a horror movie? Or what form of interesting hints you will pull to hold yourself alive? Granny Chapter 2 outwitt MOD APK download is your manner to discover that out. And in case you are a horror-style lover you’re in for a spooky surprise! Granny Chapter 2 outwit MOD APK download is the sequel model of the authentic granny sport with new and upgraded capabilities. Wondering what the upgraded capabilities are? One interesting addition is that of grandpa! Now granny is not the most effective one haunting the residence, she has a few dependable companies. The sport has advanced in its visuals as well.

Now you awaken in a queer and haunted residence with creaking floorboards and hunters seeking out you. There are many cool and interesting capabilities of the sport that are going to magnetize you on your screens. Want to discover approximately the capabilities? Then hop on and hold reading! You can download any PDF from The Physics Point.

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About Granny Chapter 2

Granny Chapter 2 is a horror game. The original Granny Chapter 2 game is available on the play store. In this game, you are locked inside a house. Now you have to survive a lot to get out of this house. Granny is capable of hearing all kinds of sounds. But Grandpa can’t hear the sound very well. You can hide anywhere in the house to escape from Granny and Grandpa.  You only have 5 days to get out of the house.  Granny Chapter 2 game was released on 6th September 2019 on Google Play Store. This game is made by DVloper. This is a very good horror game and this game is played by a lot of people.

Granny Outwitt MOD APK Download Game Information

Game Name Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt MOD APK
Offered By DVIoper
Update Release Date 20 Jan 2021
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Current Version v1.7.9
Size 99.1 MB
Installs 100 Million +
Developer [email protected]
Rating 4.2 out of 5
Genre Arcade
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Download Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt MOD APK

Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt MOD APK

Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt MOD APK is a modded version of the original Granny Chapter 2 game. This game is very dangerous and scary. The gameplay of Granny Chapter 2 outwit MOD APK download is much better than Chapter One. The graphics of Chapter 2 are also much better than in Chapter One. To win this game you have to get out of a locked house. With Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt MOD APK, you will get unlimited health, unlimited stamina, and infinite ammo in the game for free.

Story of Granny Chapter 2

Like Granny in Chapter 1, you will be locked inside a house in Chapter 2. After being locked in the house you have to try to get out of this house. In Chapter 2, Granny and Grandpa will try to hurt you. You will have to face many problems inside this house. Granny can hear very well even the smallest noise in the house.  But Grandpa can’t hear well. The special thing about this game is that you will not know which part of your body Granny and Grandpa can hurt. So this game needs to be played even more carefully. If you see Granny and Grandpa you probably won’t be able to survive in this game. After dodging Granny and Grandpa you will be able to get out of the house.

Features of Granny Chapter 2

Some of the important features of Granny Chapter 2 are mentioned below. By knowing these features, you can play this game even better.

Best Control of Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt MOD APK Download

In this Granny Outwitt MOD APK download 1.61, you manipulate a man or woman with digital joysticks at the left aspect and an icon in front. Touching gadgets reasons them to react or disappear altogether relying upon what they’re made from the material. Such as timber for fixtures portions which could damage without difficulty while stepped on. But now no longer metallic, which could live strong even after being trampled by means of many feet. There’s additionally an icon on the top-left nook made from a humanoid figure. It will assist you with your man or woman’s movements, which include sitting down or mendacity and standing.

New Character Grandpa

The crazy granny lives by herself in a cold, haunted residence withinside the first part of the recreation. But in granny’s bankruptcy two, she lives together with her new pal or partner, grandpa. But this doesn’t lessen the cruelty and fear. The recreation begins off evolving while you awaken in a horror residence, and also you no longer recollect who delivered you right here and why. You don’t have time for this sort of stuff due to the fact a person is attempting to find you. You must discover a manner to get away from this haunted residence. And you need to try this as quickly as feasible due to the fact you’ve got the simplest 5 days and lives.

Keep Quiet and Find Hide Spot

Granny is a sluggish monster in granny bankruptcy two, similar to the primary part of the game. But she has superb listening power, and he or she can listen to everything, even a losing pin noise, so be careful. You should be quiet and live nevertheless whilst she’s looking for you to keep away from detection with the aid of using this blood-thirsty creature. In evaluation to granny, grandpa hears very poorly, however, he has top-notch velocity and strength. Don’t panic in the event that they discover your location. Just preserve calm and locate a superb spot to hide, similar to beneath the mattress or take a seat down withinside the closet to keep away from them. Granny and grandpa will go away after looking for a while.

Solve various puzzle

The intention is to get away from the house, however, it’s now no longer as clean as you think. You should locate keys and passwords which might be hidden everywhere in the place. Turn at the radio to distract Granny and Grandpa. They may be distracted for some seconds or minutes, that’s precious for attempting to find what you need. She returns to her room after looking after a few enterprises upstairs. The puzzles in Chapter Two can open up new tales of this game, together with mysteries at the back of closed doorways with what occurred in the course of one’s years whilst no person changed into a home.

Screenshots of the Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt MOD APK Download





Graphics and Sound Effects

Despite having pointy 3D graphics, Granny Outwitt MOD APK download 1.61 nonetheless has something traditional like pixel games. This provides the frightening and dramatic nature of the game. From the protagonist’s perspective, you could actually experience the concern and anxiety in every one of his breaths. Granny’s residence is stuffy and tense. A vintage timber residence withinside the forest, the ground emits creaking noises in each protagonist’s footsteps. You can customize the image fine in step with the tool configuration you use. Sound effects are also amazing in this game.

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Final Words

If you want to download Granny Chapter 2 Outwitt MOD APK on your mobile then you can download it with the help of this article. Complete information about Granny Outwitt MOD APK download 1.61 is given in this article. You can play this game quite easily by reading this article. In this Granny Outwitt MOD APK download 1.61, you will get unlimited health, unlimited stamina, and infinite ammo absolutely free. Hope you liked this article.


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