Garena Free Fire MAX Game Review, Gameplay, and Full Guide

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Hello friends, once again welcome back to our website, I hope you all are fine, as you all know this is Shiva Gangwar always presents a tremendous and extraordinary application for you, so today I brought the Garena Free Fire MAX game for you. It is one of the most used and played online games. It is an online action game that is available for android devices as well as iOS also. It is mostly played by the young generation child who likes to play Action games.

The efficiency of the Free fire max according to the original free fire is much more you cannot ignore the MAX version if you once play the MAX Free Fire. It can be said that Garena Free Fire Max is heavier than Garena Free Fire, just like having the best sound quality, animations, graphics, and effects,  wallpapers, and many new things in the form of characters vehicles, etc. The APK file size of the latest version of the Garena Free Fire is 508 MB.

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The initial release date of the original Garena Free Fire is 4 December 2017. Garena Free Fire is a multiplayer royale game developed by the Vietnamese game company. You can Download the Garena Free Fire MAX from the Official website of the Google Play store. It has more than 100 M+ Downloads from the official website of the Google play store. Due to its amazing and unique features, it has a high rating also which is 4.2 out of 5. So, in this article, we are going to tell you about the Features, and the Gameplay of this game. So we continue with us till the last of the article, if you really want to get the all details related to this MAX version of the Free fire.

Features of Garena Free Fire MAX

  • Unique Graphics and Sound Quality

Garena Free Fire MAX has a unique graphics quality from the other battle game that you can not compare with any other game. It also has amazing and excellent sound quality in the game. The developer of this game develops it by keeping in mind that sound and graphics are the first choices of every game. So he really applies the amazing and realistic graphics quality and attractable sound quality in this game.

  • Online Game

It is an online game that always needs an internet connection for its proper and smooth running. You cannot play this game if you don’t have proper data or wifi connection on your phone.

  • Accuracy

The accuracy of the latest version of this game is really increased as compared to the old version. The damage, rate of fire. range, reload speed, movement speed all things are really increased. You cannot imagine how it really works, it works very smoothly and fast but you have to have a good smartphone and a proper data connection.

  • Gifts and Awards

As you know it is a high-weighted game so you can imagine from here that you will also get the gifts and awards are also high. After completion of each and every level, you will get something new in the form of rewards, such as Bombs, Guns and bullets, and diamonds or coins. The diamond you can not get easier for it you have to do a lot of practice and hard work.

The Gameplay of the Garena Free Fire MAX

The Gameplay of the free Fire MAX is really very easy and accessible, before starting the game you will get the all details related to this game, how to play, how to fire and how to run, etc. After completing this stage finally you will appear in the Real game. In a helicopter, all the players are sitting and after a few seconds, all players start jumping you can also jump whenever you want. This game includes a number of weapons like guns, bombs, axe, etc. here you can use the weapons according to your need. Here you will also get the number of the vehicles., like cars, bikes, sports cars, etc.

Guide to play the Garena Free Fire MAX

Today I am telling you some of the important tips by which you can easily play this game, without getting any problems.

Firstly it is compulsory that you have to download it on your phone, and you have to have enough space on your phone for its downloading and playing because not only the APK file size is enough for its running you should have more space and an additional fill will also download with it.

After that, a proper data connection or wifi connection is also required for its running and performance because it is an online game that is a high-weighted application.

Screenshots of Garena Free Fire

garena-free-fire- MAX-online

gameplay with guns

how-to-play-Garena-Free-Fire- MAX


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is it an Offline game?

Ans No, it is a game you cannot play without having a proper internet connection.

Q. What are the Five Best Guns in the Garena Free Fire MAX?

Ans. The best five guns in this game are:

  1. UMP
  2. MP 40
  3. Scar
  4. Groza
  5. M 1887

Q. What is the difference between the Real Free Fire Play and the MAX version?

Ans The difference between the original version and the MAX version is simple, MAX is the updated version of the original game and it comes with many different and unique features from the original version.

Final Words

Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire) is an Action-Adventure battle royale game available for mobile, developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. Both the titles of Garena the MAX and original have the Millions of downloads across the globe. You can download it from the official website of the Google play store as well as you can also download it from the App Store. So today in this article we tell you about the features and gameplay of this game, now I hope you don’t have any doubts or questions on your mind if you have still any queries or doubts on your mind please comment below, and we will surely reply to you as soon as possible.

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