Evil Nun Old Version Download for Android (All Versions)

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Evil Nun is a first-person open-world survival game in which you play as a young boy who must escape a disturbed elderly woman who has captured him in her basement and imprisoned him in her house. Your role is crucial throughout the game because the evil nun intends to complete a satanic sacrifice on her birthday. As a result, you have a choice of endings, one of which is to kill the evil nun and flee the house. Another way the story ends shows you saving the child rather than killing the Evil Nun Old Version, and vice versa.

The game comes equipped with both excellent sound and visuals, making it an excellent choice for horror fans. With its eerie sound effects and scenes set in a dark and eerie location, you get the classic horror theme. The game’s effects and graphics create a menacing, expertly crafted atmosphere. Consequently, many people who have previously played horror games of similar quality will be impressed by the included graphics.

Hik-Connect Old Version

When installed on older devices, the most recent version of an app frequently causes issues. Due to system incompatibilities, newer versions of apps may not always work on your device. Try using an earlier version of the app until the developer addresses the issue. On Uptodown, you can view the app’s version history if you require a rollback of Evil Nun. It includes all Uptodown-available file versions for that application. For Android, download rollbacks of Evil Nun. Uptodown’s distribution of any Evil Nun version is virus-free and available for free download.

Download Information of the Evil Nun Old Version

App Name  Evil Nun Old Version
Version v1.7.1
Size  91.4 MB
Downloads 5 Cr+
Rating 4.3 out of 5
Get It On Google Play Store

Click here to download: Evil Nun Old Version

Download Evil Nun Old Version

Features of Evil Nun Old Version

The description of Evil Nun App

Over 50 million players have already experienced the terror: You are kidnapped by Sister Madeline inside Eagle’s Junior High School after receiving an enigmatic invitation to a summer camp. Now what you need to do is get out of the school before Sister Madeline carries out her evil plan. In your effort to regain your freedom, you escape from Sister Madeline and explore the school. Complete challenges and puzzles until you find one of the game’s many escape routes.To win the game, find the mysterious boy with blue hands and the secrets in the laundry room.
A few features:

  • The most well-known horror game
  • Amusing puzzles: To get out of school, solve clever puzzles.
  • Small games: Complete mini-games and challenges that put your skills to the test by solving puzzles.
  • Various escape routes: Find every means of getting away from the school.
  • A huge map: Unrestrictedly explore a vast map filled with numerous secrets.
  • Interesting tale: Explore Eagle’s Junior High School’s walls to discover the entire truth.
  • Different challenges: Ghost Mode lets you explore at your own pace without taking any risks, and Sister
  • Madeline has a variety of difficulty levels to put her skills to the test.
  • Make your games unique: Obtain new skins, school decorations, and weapons for Evil Nun to personalize the experience.
  • A game for everyone that is terrifyingly entertaining!

Play Evil Nun if you want to have a scary time: Now, horror at school, and attempt to leave this horror school. Screams are certain. For a better gaming experience, headphones are suggested.
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How to Download Evil Nun Old Version From the Google play store?

You can download the Evil Nun Old Version from our website by following the steps that have been provided, or you can download it from our website by clicking on the green button that we have provided. We recommend downloading it from our website to avoid installing a virus on your device.

  • To begin, go to the security option in your Android phone’s settings and enable all unknown sources.
  • On your device, you must now visit the official Google Play Store website.
  • Now you need to type Evil Nun into the Search bar.
  • You must now select the install option and wait for it to install.
  • After the installation is finished, your application is now ready to use. If you already have an account, you can use Evil Nun by creating an account or logging in.

Screenshots of the Evil Nun Old Version

evil nun old version 10 download

evil nun version 1.0 apk

evil nun old version mod apk download

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.How did Evil Nun become evil?

Ans. To get over her daughter’s death, she fled her country and became a nun at Eagle’s Junior High School. However, she was unable to get over this fact, and as soon as she did, she started doing crazy things to try to get her back. You will be used in her bizarre experiments if you don’t flee from her enormous hammer!

Q. Was Evil Nun real?

Ans. no. Evidently, there is no evidence that a demon nun killed a group of nuns in Romania after escaping from hell. I am unable to assist you in determining whether that portion of The Nun is based on true events. Additionally, there is no proof of a genuine paranormal incident that occurred in a Romanian monastery in 1952.

Q. When did Evil Nun start?

Ans. Ugly Nun: Previously known as Evil Nun and Evil Nun, Horror in the School: Keplerians Team created the independent horror mobile game The Horror’s Creed to replace The Nun game. It was made available for Android and iOS devices on August 12, 2018.

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Final Words

In a school run by a terrifying evil nun who can hear any noise (be careful!), meet mystery and survival. The Evil Nun Old Version appears to be a cross between a grandmother and…a ghost, a zombie plague victim, or any other deceased soul. You are being pursued by horror and death; if the evil nun discovers you, she will kill you, ending the adventure escape. Take cover anywhere! Whether the school is inside or outside, the farm or parking lot can be useful hiding spots!


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