ePSXe APK Download Tekken 3 v2.0.15 (PSX/PSE Emulator)

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As we all know that we always review the game MOD APK. So today we will also discuss APK but it is a different kind of APK. It means that it is an enhanceable APK for any game. That is called an emulator. Most people know about emulators. It is an emulator which has an android virtual device. This is also known as a special android system in gaming. We can use this program on any platform to test games or any software. So if we talk about its name then is known as ePSXe APK.

ePSXe APK is a video game that is available on PlayStation. We have seen that for some days our articles are commonly coming on Tekken 3. So this also has the full name as ePSXe APK Tekken 3 v2.0.15 for Android (PSX/PSE Emulator). It is based on an x86 PC hard parts and two operating systems Microsoft Windows, and Linux, and also with all android devices. It was developed by three persons which are Aliases Caleb, Demo, and Gator.

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ePSXe APK Download Information

App Name ePSXe APK For Android 
Updated On  12 Jul 2021
Game Size 11.4 MB
Released on  29 Aug 2012
Latest Version 2.0.15
Android Version Android 2.3 and Above
Developer ePSXe Software s.l
Downloads  1 Million +
Get it ON Playstore

Click here to download: ePSXe APK Tekken 3

Download ePSXe APK Tekken 3 v2.0.15 for Android

ePSXe APK Detailed Information 

It is also a port. We are using this for PC. This application provides all the things which are required for a game. It means that it gives more strength to the game. That is available in the form of high compatibility, best speed, and clear quality sound. We generally saw these important topics in any game to influence a gamer. This game is available for all smartphones and tablets. There are one to four-player can play. 

Afterward, this PXE emulator is working virtually. In virtually working all features are comes like touch screen support, pad support, hardware buttons are available, and sticks are also there. Simultaneously PSX emulator uses ARM graphics and Intel atom x86 for further processing.

Features of ePSXe APK

Video Orientation & Aspect Ratio

Landscape mode – It supports multiple digital/analog/gun configurable touchscreen gamepad skins.
Portrait mode – In this mode, modes are bottom of the screen.
Full screen – We can Manage it by 4:3, stretched full-screen ratio, or widescreen. We can fully modify it.

Video Engine & Filtering in ePSXe APK

This apk has hardware and software GPU engine mode. It produces the right and superfast s/w-based GPU with 2x resolution. HD graphics are powered by peopsxgl plugin. It also has an option of on/off to see its effect.

Audio Quality & Latency in ePSXe APK

ePSXe apk provides us with a high-quality sound engine. And it also provides all the mode and volume effects in it. Latency is a more important part of any sound or audio. With latency we can’t enjoy the games because whatever action will be on the screen it will come afterward. That’s a bad thing for any game. 

Control and Input/Output Modes

In most of the video games have multitap or multi-button screens or we can say interfaces. It is naturally important to play a game. There is some external play pad for the gaming world. There are some examples of controls are the gamepad and Dualshock with analog control.

Touchscreen Controls

Some the person not eligible to buy extra control so touchscreen control is also there. I think that our fingers can be more accurate than an external device. In this, a circle on the left or right of the screen and four options like left, right, top, and bottom.

Additional Feature

  • Show PSX logo in-game boot.
  • All Android Tv support.
  • PPF patch support (for translations).
  • Changing touchscreen gamepad.
  • Change disc for multi-disc games.
  • On/Off frame limit.
  • Enable/Disable frameskip.
  • PSX Bios finder.
  • Subchannel using sub/sbi formats.
  • 7z/zip uncompressing tools.
  • Libcrypt support.
  • fire support.
  • Cardboard support.
  • Local netplay.






Compatibility Requirements

Least system requirements:

Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Graphics ARMv7 or X86
256 MB of RAM is needed

Recommended system configuration:

Android 7.0/8.X
ARMv7 with Neon!!
+1200Mhz dual-core
Fast GPU card with good OpenGL support
512 MB of RAM
Fast and big sdcard
Health-wise or for long-term external control panel 


We have already discussed that it is used for enhancing the capacity of any software. So PXe emulator is an enhancer for any software to increase its performance. A user will always be happy if he would get a good performance in any game. Whether it may be about graphics, sound quality, and processing.

if you want any kind of help like an update or feature then you have to go to its official website which is ePSXe.com. People come here and discussed the released versions. Because different versions have different problems. ePSxe team will help you to get a solution to any query. If you are more curious then you have to go on this site too. This website provides not only solutions but also provide knowledge about PSX emulators.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Ques. What is the emulator used for?

Ans. Emulators are used for work like other devices. It means that it is a program that works on another hardware or a device.

Ques. Is ePSXe legal?

Ans. Yes, it is legal but its distribution is illegal. Because Sony Playstation has its own copyrights.

Ques. Can we play ps2 games on ePSXe?

Ans. Yes, you play ps2 games on ePSXe but you have to learn the terms and conditions of customization. 

Ques. Is ePSXe a virus?

Ans. ePSXe emulator 2.0.5 has a different virus, So we have to take care of it.

Ques. What games work o ePSXe?

Ans. There are some important games final fantasy, dragon warrior, Chono cross, Megal gear solid, gran Turismo, etc. 

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Final Words

At last, I want to say that it was all information about this game or emulators. Which provides you with a lot of support and gain online or offline gaming. If you still want to know more about it then go to this website. Click here to see a lot of content or official thing. Hope you like this article. If your friend and colleagues are interested in this type of content then share it with them. If you have still any doubts or a query then ask in the comment box. Thanks!


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