Dino Hunter MOD APK: Deadly Shores Download v4.0.0 Unlimited Money

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Are you ready to play a fantastic dinosaur game? DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES is the most famous dinosaur game available on Android devices. In this epic game (Dino Hunter MOD APK) you can Hunt different types of dinosaurs and enjoy the all-game action. You can use many weapons to hunt the dinosaurs. DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES action game was developed by Glu and this game was launched on the Google Play Store in 2014. Yes of course this is an old action game but that does not mean that DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES is not an interesting game.

Everyone can download the Dino Hunter MOD APK latest version from our article. Dino Hunter MOD APK is the best dinosaur-hunting game with all the MOD features. In this MOD APK, you can get all weapons free. The organization of risky dragons looking to kill you, so maintain in mind, hunt or be hunted. The struggling & selection for your hand. So, the general tale of the dino hunter recreation is to kill the diverse varieties of dinosaurs in every stage of the Jurassic world.

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The DINO HUNTER game is a very interesting action game. The Dino Hunter game was developed by Glu. This recreation may be very addictive 3-D action, wherein you may hunt for the maximum number of actual dinosaurs that inhabited our planet tens of thousands and thousands of years ago. Take extra guns into your arms and display all of your skills. Track down the prey and assault while it does now no longer anticipate it, however, be careful, due to the fact even a hunter can come to be a meal. The recreation has a massive style of animals and guns, which you may open as you develop via the recreation. The best pictures will overcome even the most malicious enthusiasts of stunning pictures.

Download Information Of Dino Hunter Deadly Shores MOD APK

Game Name Dino Hunter MOD APK Latest Version
Offered By Glu
Update Release Date 4 Sep 2019
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Current Version v4.0.0
Size 128 MB
Installs 50 Million +
Developer [email protected]
Rating 4.6 out of 5
Genre Action
Also, Get it on Play Store

Click here to download: Dino Hunter MOD APK

Download Dino Hunter MOD APK

Dino Hunter MOD APK

To get an exceptional dinosaur-looking experience, download DINO HUNTER MOD APK. It is an exceptional model of this recreation due to the fact you could experience the whole thing limitlessly. Get limitless energy, all guns unlocked, loose shopping, loose gold, limitless money, and gems.

With limitless money, you may have the whole thing free of charge at your disposal. All guns are unlocked from the beginning of the recreation. Upgrade them free of charge. Get this unblocked model without spending any money. Dino Hunter MOD APK is a brand-new version of this game.


In this action game, gamers are given the possibility to tour through time and defeat the massive monsters that dominated the arena tens of thousands and thousands of years ago. Grab your guns and put them together for the closing hunt for this ambitious beast. Then your frame could be shattered and thrown to the floor through this effective being. Take elements in lots of hunts on this primitive searching recreation. Play towards all varieties of monsters on this first-rate searching recreation. And experience it.

Features of Dino Hunter MOD APK

Hunt Dinosaurs with different items

Immerse yourself in nature and hunt the wildest creatures ever. You can rely on yourself due to the fact no person else is preventing you. But don’t worry, Dino Hunter Cheat APK has an in-depth manual on a way to manage the game. You may even research critical matters to maintain thoughts whilst capturing dinosaurs. Aim and hearthplace missiles, be it a land velociraptor or a flying pterosaur. A complete navy of animals is expecting you. The participant is ready with a gun at the beginning of the game. Since the gun can most effectively load one bullet at a time, it should hearthplace accurately.

Confront Multiple Species

Each location has its very own dinosaur that may simplest be utilized in a selected vicinity. This isn’t always simplest a fantastic possibility to seek those mysterious creatures, but additionally a possibility to research extra approximately them. Meet long-misplaced animals, from a toddler velociraptor to a large T-rex. Hunt exclusive dinosaurs that stay in precise environments.

Different items and gears

In addition to weapons, Dino Hunter MOD APK gives lots of devices and objects that you could use to enhance your looking skills. Check out the brand-new weapon to aim better. New gears enhance balance and deterrence so that you could have a better-acting yacht. There also are distinct kinds of projectiles that deliver the goal of a completely unique effect.

Collect Map Fragments

Collecting the Map Fragments required to create the map for the following place is crucial to progressing withinside the game. To do so, you ought to locate all the elements in each of the principal collection hunts and the boss hunt at the cease of every level. They aren’t to be had withinside the Contract Hunts, Exotic Series, or any of the alternative hunts, so preserve that in mind.

You’ll be capable of seeing which additives you’ve formerly acquired and that you nonetheless want while you investigate the brand-new territory. If you’re having problems identifying a way to get the lacking elements, visit the following location show and faucet the I withinside the nook of the lacking pieces – that’s the Information button, and it’ll provide you with a touch on a way to retrieve that lacking item.

Some Important Screenshots Of Dino Hunter Deadly Shores MOD APK

gun down earth feared dinasaurs

gameplay of DEADLY SHORES

dino hunter mod apk all weapons unlocked

dino hunter deadly shores mod apk


Strike the lungs or the heart!

As horrible as it is to sound, hitting a dino’s lungs or coronary heart can earn you greater gold on the top of a level. Lung pictures are 25 dollars, while coronary heart pictures are 50 dollars. You’ll in the end collect an Infrared improvement for your rifle scope in case you hold gambling the Rifle Series levels. When zoomed in, this tells you precisely wherein the lungs and coronary heart are, making it an awful lot simpler to land the pictures!

Graphics and Sound Effects

Dino Hunter with stunning 3D graphical interfaces and is attractive with every session. Since Dino Hunter is a first-individual shooter, you may take the function of a brand-new dinosaur hunter and takedown precise dinosaurs withinside the field. The sounds in it are so real, with every dinosaur’s roar sounding creepy. Slamming your rifle, you roam across the base looking for your target. The practical high-decision photos in the sport will make you experience like you are actually in a Jurassic environment. You can not assist, however, experience the adrenaline dashing up while you see dinosaurs dashing you. 

Final Words

Today, we talked about Dino Hunter MOD APK and also discussed all the main features of this game. The gameplay of Dino Hunter MOD APK  is fantastic. In this article, we have also talked about the sound effects and the graphics of this game. All the high-decision textures and practical Jura styles integrate to make this sport one of the first-rate cellular games. A sport with adventurous adventures can be the sport for you. Therefore, in case you are obsessed with experiences, awaken your favored shooter by downloading it on your device to play. That’s all for today, now go and enjoy this MOD APK. Good day!

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