Dan The Man MOD APK Download v1.11.40 Unlimited Health (Unlocked All)

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As of now, platformer games in the local field are remarkable. There are hardly any games these days since it’s too old. Often new nights are followed by new mechanics, their designs are marvelous, and the interactivity is also high. In all cases, there are still a number of players who must meet Mario Contra years ago. The name to which you must pay special attention is Dan the Man MOD APK: Action Platformer.

Enjoy this side-looking retro style as you join Dan and his pleasant businesses. Find new and fun stories in Dan the Man, as he addresses the epic difficulties of intense adversaries’ managers. Enjoy a large arsenal of weapons that our saint can use. A large array of weapons. Find out more with our surveys about the amazing at Halfbrick Studios.

Castle Crush

Dan the Man dominated the game in 2016 effectively. It’s a game full of a story. Your part is like a legend that must save the world. People need your help to protect themselves against their enemies. It’s about the story of Dan, a man who will fight the awful man and save the whole world. He is the one who can only bring the country harmony. He had to compete with goliath robots and find their control zone. Dan must come to the mysterious location and run the manager to complete the level.

Dan The Man MOD APK Download Information

Game Name Dan The Man MOD APK
Game Size 97.7 MB
Latest Version v1.11.40
Android Version Android 4.4 and Above
Developer Halfbrick Studios
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Download Dan The Man MOD APK

Dan The Man MOD APK Highlights

Many Modes

Mission Mode, where you are going to use your solidarity to destroy evil. You will experience stages with increasing difficulties, helping your character step by step to improve his skills. An unusual element of this old interactivity is that it’s not necessary for the character to update. The only thing that is developing continuously is the player’s creativity and method of control. The more you play, the higher the level in the following difficulties will be raised. Obviously, the combos you can use will be this character. Characters are updated progressively and combos and these are opened free of charge. You just have to invest in learning energy. Mission Mode expands its trouble constantly and players should face these difficulties each time. Until you meet and route the last big boss. You’ve still formally won Dan the Man: Platform for Action.

Free to Play

Despite all the stimulating highlights the game needs to make, Android gamers can approach this amazing game totally free of charge in any event. Having said that, without paying anything you can certainly download it and put it on your mobile phone.

Enjoy Unlimited Money

Nevertheless, some of you can track the game very irritatingly with application purchases and promotions. We’d like to introduce our Dan the Man Mod APK to help you with this. It is a different variant with many valuable highlights included, such as unlimited cash, discontinued promotions, etc. Therefore, in Dan the Man, you can have a superior play experience.

Customize your Characters

What can make a player more energetic than making a legend during a game? You can redesign and build up your legend, yet when you start one for yourself, you feel terrible fulfillment. You are glad to know that in this game you can replenish your saint. You can change it using a range of dressing options just like epic skins in the game.


The game provides 2D images to perform interactivity. The story of an epic saint called Dan has been written. Dan’s atmosphere remains as a true saint. There are cutting-edge contraptions in the control room to crush the player. To clear up this mysterious region and execute the real chief, Dan has to play with many stunts. Everyone’s interactive with amazing scenes. From the attack on enemies and the impact on the area, all aspects of the story enhance interactivity. The hints of the game are set to be genuine to inspire the adversaries to crush.

What’s New

  • NEW EVENT MULTIPLAYER: Opportunity for pirates
  • NEW ARENAS: Find new field formats for fighting
  • NEW COSTUME: Unlock the Pirate Warrior’s selective
  • NEW REWARDS: Don’t miss the symbols of Pirate, Golden, and New Acts

Dan The Man MOD APK Screenshots





Final Words

Equally, a very difficult game is Dan The Man MOD APK. Although it starts fundamentally, the conflict in this game becomes more notable as the levels progress. By model, you expect to find all the catalysts and then route a manager between the main levels. The game does not allow you to rest between the stages, which means you will always fight a troubling opponent.

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