Chrome Old Version Download for Android (All Versions)

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Google Chrome only comes with an online setup file that installs the most recent version. When a user upgrades to a new version of Google Chrome, it is not uncommon for them to become dissatisfied with a feature, option, or bug. As a result, some users wish to revert to an earlier version of Google Chrome in order to preserve a useful feature, option, or technology. But is it really a good idea to use an old version of Google Chrome? Since outdated browsers typically come with security issues, the answer is NO. The Slimjet browser, which is based on the most recent Blink engine and offers more flexibility, features, and options than Google Chrome, is a better option for dealing with the issue. Instead of forcing everyone to use the same style,

Slimjet gives users more options to customize their browsers to their preferences. Additionally, Slimjet integrates additional features internally in the most effective manner, saving you time dealing with unstable and resource-intensive third-party plugins. The best part is that Slimjet is compatible with your preferred Chrome extensions and syncs all of your Chrome data and settings through your Google account. When you switch from Chrome to Slimjet, there is absolutely no learning curve. Give Slimjet a shot right away, and you won’t look back.

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Is your organization’s browser strategy appropriate? Chrome has a lot more to offer than your business might realize. There is something in these sessions for IT and security professionals of all levels, whether it be tighter security controls, more granular insights, or an easier way to manage Chrome. See demonstrations of some of the most recent browser features and get an inside look at the best tips and tricks that will help your organization improve and secure the way your teams work online.

Download Information of the Chrome Old Version

App Name  Chrome Old Version
Version v91.0.4472.120
Size 97.7 MB
Downloads 10 Billion+
Rating 4.1out of 5
Offered By Google LLC
Varies with device
Get It On Google Play Store

Click here to download: Chrome Old Version

Download Chrome Old Version

Features of Chrome Old Version

Most of the time, users decide for themselves which older version they prefer. Due to the wide range of requests, it is impossible to select a single option. Consider the following when selecting the older version:

System requirements

The browser puts a greater strain on the computer’s system components the newer it is. Versions of Chrome older than 60 are regarded as demanding. Therefore, it is preferable to select versions between 40 and 55 if your smartphone or personal computer does not exhibit exceptional performance.


Older versions of Google Chrome have a limited set of features. However, it is quite enough for unpretentious users. Even the earliest Chrome releases are good at surfing the web.

Assembly features

Choose Beta or Stable when loading an older version of Chrome because of their stable operation. As a test version for application development, Google Chrome Dev is also suitable for programmers.

Developers, webmasters, and regular users alike enjoy the older versions of Google Chrome that are available for Windows 7, Windows 10, and Android smartphones. Devices whose performance prevents them from downloading demanding software with updated functionality can benefit from using an out-of-date browser.

In addition, you should keep in mind that older versions of Google Chrome offer fewer options and lower security levels. Therefore, in addition to the previous browser version, make use of a reliable antivirus program to reduce the likelihood of data loss and other unanticipated consequences.

Screenshots of the Chrome Old Version

google chrome app,

download chrome old version,

google chrome is a web browser,

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can I get an older version of Chrome?

Ans. Google does not provide an official repository for older versions due to security concerns. However, you can download older versions with applications like FileHippo, Chromium Cypress, and SlimJet.

Q. How do I get Google Chrome 72?

Ans. Chrome 72 is available for download from the app stores for both Android and iOS. Chrome can be updated using the built-in updater for desktop users.

Q. Can Chrome run on 2GB RAM?

Ans. Temporary files used by Chrome are stored in RAM. Chrome will start using memory caching if you have a lot of tabs open and are using more than 2GB of RAM, which will quickly drain your device’s battery.

Q. Is 32 GB RAM good for 2GB?

Ans. A 32-bit operating system can run on 2GB or even 4GB. The 64-bit craze is nothing more than a fad. If you’re using software that requires more than 4GB of ram (either individually or collectively), 64-bit will only be of assistance to you. Editing large-format photos and videos comes to mind.

Q.Do I need to update my Chrome?

Ans. Why should you update Chrome? You can take advantage of the most recent Chrome features and security updates by keeping Chrome up to date, allowing you to remain mobile, productive, and safe.

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Final Words

Google Chrome is a lightweight, fast, secure, and free web browser that comes with a slew of features, like the incognito browsing feature, which means that when you finish browsing the internet and close the browser, all of your cookies and history are deleted right away; The user interface of the browser is uncluttered and straightforward, and you can personalize it with a variety of themes.


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