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This app will give you a taste of what it’s like to drive a large bus if you’ve ever had the desire to experience it for yourself. You can experience driving in 3D with Bus Simulator 2015 The bus can be controlled by either the first or third person. You’ll be able to see every gear and extra that goes into running the bus if you play in first-person.

You can experience what it’s like to drive a large bus on city streets in this game. On the screen, there is an image of the bus’s dashboard and steering wheel. Even though the graphics aren’t very good, they give you an idea of what to expect while driving. The views are either street-level, giving the impression that you are looking through the windshield, or aerial, showing the vehicle on the street.

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You are downloading a previous Bus Simulator 2015 apk version. Players can drive a variety of bus makes and models around the world in Bus Simulator. The locations like Berlin, Rome, Los Angeles, Alaska, and a lot of other places The player can select from two distinct control systems in Bus Simulator. Read our Bus Simulator 2015 review for more information.

Download Information of the Bus Simulator 2015 Old Version

Game Name  Bus Simulator 2015 Old Version
Version v2.1
Size 64.1 MB
Downloads 1M+
Rating 3.9 out of 5
Offered By
Fun Blocky Games
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Get It On Google Play Store

Click here to download: Bus Simulator 2015 Old Version

Download Bus Simulator 2015 Old Version

Features of Bus Simulator 2015 Old Version

  • In addition to the well-known brands that were included in the previous installment (Mercedes-Benz, Setra, IVECO BUS, and MAN), 30 buses have been licensed from internationally renowned manufacturers like Volvo, Alexander Dennis, Scania, BYD, Grande West, and Blue Bird.
  • You’ll want to explore your surroundings because of two huge, lively environments in the United States and Europe that have an even greater open-world approach.
  • This new installment of the series not only lets you drive the traditional rigid and articulated buses, but it also lets you enjoy the future of public transportation by driving a double-decker bus: the e-bus
  • An even richer gameplay experience is created by optional, refined management features like creating detailed timetables, visiting bus dealers on the map, or planning efficient routes that take into account the number of passengers at specific times.
  • Enhanced graphics, dynamic weather, a new day-night cycle, and a new AI for pedestrians and traffic contribute to the game’s increased realism.
  • With freely usable convenience features like fast travel, fast-forwarding time, and directly taking over AI buses in your own fleet, you can spend less time in menus and more time on the road.
  • Learn to handle difficult traffic situations: driving at night, road works, diversions, overland drives, potholes, traffic jams, traffic obstacles, speed bumps, a busy bus terminal, narrow roads, serpentines, oncoming traffic, and a great deal more.
  • Real-life experience of various bus events, including a filthy interior, special requests from passengers, fare dodgers, loud music, and bus stops that are blocked

How to Download Bus Simulator 2015 Old Version From the Google play store?

To download and install the Bus Simulator 2015 Old Version, you have to follow the given steps or you can also download the Bus Simulator 2015 Old Version from our website, we have given a green color button for downloading with just a simple click you can download it from our website we suggest you download it from our website without getting any virus on your device.

  • Firstly you have to open the setting of your android phone, Go to the security option, and enable all the unknown sources.
  • Now you have to visit the Official website of the google play store on your device.
  • Now you have to click on the Search bar and write Bus Simulator 2015.
  • Now you have to click on the install option and wait until it’s installed.
  • After installation is complete, finally your application is ready for use, now you can use Bus Simulator 2015 after creating an account or login into the account (if already have an account).

Screenshots of the Bus Simulator 2015 Old Version

bus simulator 2015 old version download

bus simulator 2015 old version unlimited money

bus simulator 2015 apk old version

bus simulator 2015 apk download

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How to download the bus simulator 2015?

Ans. To install Uptodown, you must first obtain the official Android app. The 3D driving game Bus Simulator 2015 lets you drive a variety of bus lines in a variety of locations around the world, including Los Angeles, Berlin, Rome, Alaska, and so on. There are several options available.

Q. Can I play Bus Simulator offline?

Ans. After that, you can play Bus Simulator 18 offline in Steam without an internet connection. However, in order to access multiplayer mode and view your achievements in the leaderboards, you will need access to the internet.

Q. Is a bus faster than a car?

Ans. Since we are aware that the value of the speed in km/h will be multiplied by 518 in order to convert it to a speed in m/s, we will multiply it. As a result, the bus’s speed is lower than that of the car. This indicates that the bus is not the vehicle with the faster speed.

Q. Is Bus Simulator 18 open-world?

Ans. With the exception of the initial test drive for the tutorial and a few guided missions that follow, Bus Simulator 18 basically gives you an open world in which you can build the bus company of your dreams. You can select your buses, plan your routes for maximum profit and efficiency, and even hire and fire your own employees.

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Final Words

There are maps from all over the country, including Chicago and Los Angeles. The game’s realism is bolstered by the fact that the layouts of the city serve as inspiration for the maps. Due to the fact that there are a few different sizes available, you can select from over a dozen buses based on what you might be most comfortable with. The game has challenges, like getting passengers there in a certain amount of time.

The game’s animations are intriguing. When getting on and off the bus, people look real, and the cars on the roads and city streets look like they were taken from a movie. While playing, you can compete against others to see who can accumulate the most points.


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