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AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner for Android provides an additional security layer, as it is one of the most experienced and widely known antivirus programs. Another application called AVG Cleaner is basically a cleaner application that removes from your Android all the garbage and superfluous records that may obstruct your gadget. In case you’re facing slack and inconsistent apps on your Android gadget, you should try AVG Cleaner for Android at that point.

Your Android gadget will run faster and smoother with AVG Cleaner, store more details, let loose memory by cleaning up garbage, and remain charged for more.

A large number of people out there are using this application to get more room on their gadgets and support its exhibition. The rundown of highlights doesn’t stop here, many more highlights are now available that can help you improve the execution of your gadget.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK

Right now, the use of mechanical devices completes a significant part of the work. Probably the most well-known gadget right is the cell phone, as a large portion of the people out there possesses one of them in any case. With regards to cell phones, Android has a piece of the pie for the most part as it is adaptable and simple to modify. Given Android’s client base they have been met with various risks and dangerous tactics.

Continuous attempts by programmers and aggressors to sidestep cell phone security in order to gain admission to cell phones for burglary. You should be extra wary when downloading something from the web and anything unusual needs to be examined locally before using it.

Right now, everything about this app will be revealed here and you will be given a link to do Cleaner APK download. Note that this program is available on the Google Play Store yet some paid highlights are in it. On the off chance that you need to open them, at that point you should pay around $20 to get them. Instead, you can download  Cleaner Star APK from this page and add it to your gadgets to enjoy the expert highlights in their entirety. You will manually install a premium AVG Cleaner for Android.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK Download Information

File Size 46.1 MB
Current Version v6.5.0
Requires Android Android 5.0 and Above
Developer Name AVG Mobile

Click here to Download AVG Cleaner for Android

Download AVG Cleaner

With AVG Cleaner, you’ll enjoy a longer battery life, keep a strategic distance from a slacking Phone device, dispose of garbage documents, and discover awful quality or duplicate images.

AVG Cleaner – Memory (RAM) Booster and Junk Cleaner is a smart inspection and tidy-up device that gives you more extra space, better performance, and longer battery life The manager, memory cleaner (RAM Cleaner), reserve cleaner, battery saver, storage tidy up and application exodus highlights are shown below:

AVG Cleaner Highlights

Dealing with Your Storage Space

AVG Cleaner Android APK not only acts as a space cleaner but also as a storage manager. You don’t need to use any other stockpiling director or paper adventurer application while using this application, as it has each feature associated with it. You should sift through the records of your device to think about the most space-devouring documents as shown by their number.

Clean App Storage

This App is currently an excellent application for Android among other power streamlining agent applications and some other comparable apps can not consider the highlights this application provides. With just a few snaps, this program will help you clean up trash, and store records, memories, unused applications, and horrible and comparative images. This as well as this application will wipe out exhibition thumbnails and residual or unused APKs from your gadget without much of a break, thereby helping to save more stockpiling.

Easy-to-use interface

AVG Cleaner Pro APK has an extremely great and simple-to-use interface which in any case makes it possible for new customers to work with it without any problem. The option of this application can be accessed in the left menu bar, and you can play around to use this application’s various highlights. This application will give you a quick rundown of the highlights and choices available in it on the main run, and you can also get tips from this application whenever you need them.

100% Free and Secure

There are numerous sites out there where you can find connections to download AVG Cleaner Pro APK yet be careful with the fake sites. For Cleaner’s sake for Ios, you’ll wind up installing some malware or virus into your device. That’s why we’ve provided the secure APK record right now so that you can use it on any of your Android gadgets without worrying about anything because it’s absolutely covered.

Lifts System Performance

AVG Cleaner Master APK accompanies the RAM Management and includes allowing you to close or sleep out-of-sight applications that expend the battery. The program also educates you about the software used on your device once in a while so you can test them and delete the ones you don’t need to mess about. Alongside their skill techniques, you can also hinder or close the applications in order to let your RAM loose.

AVG Cleaner Screenshots





Clean your phone to let extra space free, make it run smoother and quicker, and support speed and execution. Take out the trash, clear inventory, support memory, delete awful content, and render comparable or duplicate photographs to make more extra space available for the applications, photos, and other stuff you need.



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